Big Data, DevOps  and Hadoop Career Opportunities and Responsibilities

Big data is getting superior with the channel of each day and Hadoop is doing excellent in the organization of this ample amount of unstructured data. DevOps is the one of the professional way that serves to enhance a good communication and better collaboration between the software development team and IT professionals.

Today India is receiving a healthy amount data from vast data sources like Facebook, New York Stock Exchange, Twitter etc; out of this data around 80% of information is in amorphous form, in need of proper processing and managing technique. And for the organisations of this unstructured big data, we have Hadoop & DevOps. It mechanism designed for the storage, processing and analyzing of the Big Data.

Career Opportunities in Big Data Hadoop & DevOps:

With such a huge database to manage, the career opportunities for administrator has set a glee. There is a lot of data to be processed and analysed and hence has a requirement for Hadoop admin in India. As per Forbes about 90% of the global investors are showing interest in the field of Big Data. And such a colossal investment will definitely have a great impact on Indian Revenue. All this makes Big Data, DevOps foundation certification, Hadoop interview questions, administrator a promising job prospect for the Indian engineers. Yahoo and Microsoft are the biggest employers serving the Hadoop Administrators with grand salary packages.

There are many institutes providing a hardcore training like Hadoop Admin Training and Big Data Course in Pune and Bangalore, etc; there are some very prestigious and experienced institutes like Prwa Tech, proving real time training to the students.

Major Responsibilities of Hadoop Admin:

Should work in coordination with the team Hadoop engineers and take care of the implementation and expansion of fresh hardware and software in the current environment.

Responsible for the maintenance of the cluster, also should be able to create and remove the nodes with the help of tools like Nagios, Dell Open Manage, Ganglia, Cloudera Manager Enterprise and some of the other major tools.

Working in synchronization with the data delivery team to a new user.

Monitor Hadoop database security and connectivity along with setting up the tuning between Hadoop Map Reduce and Hadoop clusters.

Should have a basic knowledge of computer software and hardware along with the methodical knowledge of programming e.g., Hive tutorial, Mahout, Hbase, etc. Knowledge of Hadoop cluster, Linux and core Java is also a must.

Also there are many DBA and DWH Development tasks carry out by Administrator.


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