What Material Should You Rely On For Your Custom Canopy Tent

When it comes to arranging outdoor gathering and activities, nothing beats the usefulness of canopy tents. From protecting the furniture, equipment, exhibits, and the food items from the weather elements, there is a long way to go. However, the biggest challenge you may face is when choosing the material of the tent. Remember that not all canopy materials are equally competent and last longer. Whether you’re looking for event canopies or carport canopies, you need to explore their features when making a decision.

  • Assembling the tent conveniently

The canopy tents are one of the best choices for both indoor and outdoor events based on the requirements. Accordingly, the first thing you need to study is the ease of assembling the tent. If the assembly process is complex, you may not find it a convenient option for frequent usage. Furthermore, you need to get the right size to aid the assembling the assembling process. If you are a hiker and move to rough terrains during vacations, paying heed to portability can help.

  • Polyester and polyethylene tops

One of the commonly used materials for canopy tents is polyester as it is water-resistant and durable. Remember that the thicker the material, the tougher it is for the tent. A far as UV protection is concerned, it is for a moderate period.

The polyethylene is another material that is ideal for a custom canopy tent as the material can resist the UV rays and is rated as waterproof. You can set up polyethylene on frames as the material instead of assembling and dissembling it quickly.

  • Nylon and cotton

As a material, nylon is suitable for small and lightweight canopies. Moreover, it can resist wear and tear with ease and are highly affordable. The nylon tent with a ripstop feature is the right option to use. On the other hand, cotton is a highly durable and natural material that is suitable for large and special tent structures. Due to natural insulation properties and good resistance, it is an extraordinary material for tents.

  • Vinyl canopies

Typically, the vinyl canopy tops contain polyester fabric and a vinyl coating on the top. Due to the coating on the top, the custom canopy tent is waterproof, resists the UV rays, and is flame-retardant.

Checking the frame material:

Regardless of the reasons you need to buy a canopy tent, checking the frame material is as important as the tent itself. If you buy a lightweight tent, it may come with an aluminum frame and it enhances the portability. However, the aluminum frames are not fit to withstand strong winds. For making the tent less prone to damage in rainy weather, aluminum frames with steel on the top may help in the prevention of rust.

Size of the tent:

Just because you are arranging an outdoor event in the canopy tent does not mean that it must be of an enormous size. Based on the number of attendees, you may choose the size of the tent but make sure that there is enough ventilation during the gathering. Moreover, the style of the tent depends on the kind of occasion to host.

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