Car accident in Las Vegas 101: Your guide to key aspects

A few things in life are as unfortunate as getting injured in a car accident. A significant number of car accidents are reported in Las Vegas every year. Should you ever get injured or involved in such an accident, knowing the laws will come in handy. It also makes sense to lawyer up. Top firms, such as Ladah Law Firm, can offer an assessment of your accident claim for free. Below are some aspects of car accident laws in Nevada. 

Nevada’s statute of limitations

In Nevada, you have two years to file an auto accident lawsuit. The statute of limitations determines this deadline, and the clock starts ticking from the accident date. As you decide to file a third-party insurance claim and negotiate with the claims adjuster, the clock for the 2-year deadline continues to tick. If you want to sue the other driver for property or vehicle damage, you must file a lawsuit within three years. 

Understanding comparative negligence

What happens when you are partially at fault for the car accident? In Nevada, you can only sue the other at-fault driver when you are at a lesser fault. For example, if you are found to be 60% at fault for the crash, you cannot file a lawsuit against the other party. Also, your fault percentage plays a key role in determining your settlement. If you were 40% to blame for an auto accident and were given $100,000 in a settlement, your final compensation would be $120,000 only. 

The need for an attorney

When it comes to car accident claims, victims often have to deal with an insurance company, which may not be the most pleasant experience. Insurance companies and claims adjusters often adhere to tactics to reduce their financial burden, and if you are not smart enough, you may end up accepting the first offer. Most car accident lawyers in Vegas work on a contingency fee, and therefore, you don’t need to pay an upfront fee to seek legal counsel. Lawyers know what it takes to negotiate a claim, and if the insurance company fails to offer a fair settlement, they can go to court. It is not mandatory to hire an attorney, but this could be the most effective step for winning your claim. 

Get an attorney soon after the car accident and try getting a copy of the police report. You need as much evidence as possible to substantiate your claim.

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