Cybersecurity in Online Casinos: Criteria to Follow for Safe Gambling

Online gambling is becoming all the rage. While the practice has been around since the 90s, it only recently took off. Nowadays, gamblers are looking for the most convenient way to play games. And thanks to the advancements made in software development and computer science in general, it is now easier than ever to place a wager online.

Online casinos have grown far past what they once were. In the 90s and early 2000s, web poker was the main game. If you weren’t a poker player, you simply were not playing online. Today though, everything has changed. Players will find that online casinos feature almost all the same games you can find at a land-based establishment. But the question becomes: is it safe to play online? The simple answer is yes, but you must take specific steps to ensure your safety.

Look for Licenses

Step one is simple, and yet ultimately the most important. When interested in playing online, you must find a licensed casino. So, what is a license? To put it plainly, a license is a seal of approval. If you research the website of choice and find that it has a license, it means professionals have looked it over and approved it as a legitimate business.

But what licenses can you trust? Well, quite a few European Union countries give trustworthy licenses. Malta and Gibraltar are the ones to look out for, especially. The Great Britain Gambling Commission is also generally great. However, you will find that the most trusted online casinos in the USA tend to be licensed by Curacao and other Caribbean nations. This is because the Caribbean countries have stringent laws regarding gambling, so they issue licenses only to top-tier businesses.

Use a VPN

The second step you should take is to find a good virtual private network. For those who are not aware, a VPN is a program that scatters your private network across a net of public ones. In simple terms, VPNs make it much harder to trace your IP. Simply put, a virtual private network will make online gambling much safer. And it doesn’t stop there. Anyone who spends much time doing online research should use a VPN. After all, cybercrime is on the rise, and you don’t want to fall victim to a hacker.

But those are not the only uses for a VPN. Safety and security might be the primary concern, but VPNs are also helpful in other ways. By spreading your IP over public networks, the virtual private network makes it seem like your IP is elsewhere. So, for example, if you are American, you can access UK-exclusive websites/content by setting your VPN to the UK. The process is entirely legal, so that you wouldn’t be breaking any laws. Instead, you would just be getting an extra bang for your buck.

Strengthen your Password

While online casinos try their best to simulate an authentic casino experience, there are still some significant differences between playing online and in land-based establishments. And one such difference is that playing online puts you at a greater risk of falling victim to a hacker. For that reason, we recommend using a VPN to protect yourself. However, it would be best to continue beyond just acquiring a virtual private network. Creating a strong password is paramount to having a safe experience.

According to some studies, most Americans use the same password for all social media. And more often than not, their password is simple and easy to guess. If this applies to you, then immediately change what you are doing. To help you in this situation, we have compiled a list of “don’ts” when creating your password:

  •     Don’t use your birthday.
  •     Don’t use your loved ones’ birthday.
  •     Don’t use a simple word + number password
  •     Don’t use your name.
  •     Don’t use your loved ones’ names.
  •     Don’t use the same password on all social media.

Instead, we recommend developing a complex password, combining letters, numbers, and symbols. Mix it up using capital letters and lowercase letters as well. If you are afraid you will forget your password, write it down in a notebook, which you will keep safe at all times. While it may seem simple, a strong password is the easiest way to protect yourself.

Wrapping it up

As cyberspace is becoming more popular, online casinos are growing. People find it easier, more convenient, and certainly more accessible to play games online rather than travel to a casino. But as you can see, playing online comes with risks and challenges. So, follow the three steps we have outlined, and you will increase your safety online.

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