Everything You Need to Know About Welcome Casino Bonuses 

If you’re new to online casino welcome bonuses, we don’t blame you if you’re a little confused. You are probably wondering if the casino will really give you free money and spins simply because you have registered on their site. It sounds too good to be true and that’s because it is. The short answer to your question would be both yes and no.

Okay, I can admit that we’ve done a better job confusing you than explaining anything in the intro. Let’s break down what a welcome bonus is.

Welcome bonuses are an integral part of the casino’s marketing scheme and the best incentive that the casino has to offer its users. As you probably know the competition in the field of online gambling is quite fierce and with more and more casinos appearing daily it has become difficult to stand out to the players. Having a large variety of high-quality games isn’t enough on its own anymore. Casinos have to stand out to potential customers with the best and most lucrative bonus offers.

At the end of the day, even though bonuses come as a great advantage for players they are still there to benefit the casino more. They are implemented to capture your attention and the extensive game libraries of today’s online casinos are there to make sure you stay and spend a few bucks.

The house will unfortunately always have an edge over the players but by learning how to properly utilize these bonuses you will be able to increase your chances of a win.

Types of Welcome Bonuses 

To be able to properly make use of your casino bonuses and find top Indian casinos with welcome bonuses you will need to understand the different types of welcome bonuses that you may encounter and what separates them.

There are three main forms of casino bonuses and you will soon learn how to recognize them and what are their main differences.

Deposit Match Bonus

The deposit match bonus is the one that is the most popular and the one that you will encounter the most. This type of bonus is usually accompanied by a certain number of free spins as a side reward, but can sometimes be presented alone. As the name suggests the casino promises to match your first deposit with a percentage of the amount that you deposited. Usually, casinos match the deposit by at least 100% up to a certain amount. Also to be eligible for the deposit match bonus you will need to deposit over the minimum requirement. The precise wagering requirement for the bonus will vary from casino to casino and will be stated as a part of the terms and conditions. Depending on the size of the bonus it can be provided with a single deposit or on multiple occasions. Some casinos also offer progressively reducing match bonuses throughout a few deposits. For example, the match bonus for the first deposit will be 100%, the second would be 50%, the third 30%, the fourth 20%, and so on.

It’s worth noting that welcome bonuses, however generous, usually come with a catch that states that they can’t be withdrawn directly but rather played through a certain number of times before you can collect your winnings.

Free Spins

Free spins that were mentioned earlier are rarely a welcome bonus on their own and usually come as a part of a welcome bonus with deposit match bonuses. Depending on the casino, players can expect to get anywhere from 20 to a few hundred free spins as a part of the welcome bonus. Casinos that specialize in slots and have a large assortment of different slot machines tend to give out more free spins to encourage new players to try out as many slots as possible. Similar to deposit match bonuses they can be given to you straight up or over a longer period. Usually, the smaller free spin bonuses are given away as a whole right away and have a short shelf life before they are no longer valid. On the other hand, larger amounts such as 200 free spins are usually given out over time, usually 20 spins a day for 10 days to keep the players engaged.

No Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses seem to be the most confusing for players, especially since they are the least encountered bonuses being that they are available even to players who haven’t deposited any cash to an online casino. They are significantly less valuable than the previous 2 types of bonuses that we discussed, but nonetheless a great way to test out the casino’s services since they are practically free.

They usually come in the form of Free Spins and Cash Tokens and are worth a small amount of cash, anywhere from $10 to $25. Since they are small in value and given out upon signing up they don’t come with any wagering requirements attached.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of bonuses that you will be met with you can look for those that have the most to offer to you and your unique playing style.

Once again we urge you to read the terms and conditions and familiarize yourself with the wagering requirements before depositing since some casinos include ridiculous wagering requirements that could hinder or completely deny your bonus or even your winnings.

And lastly, make sure that you are choosing a reputable casino that has a valid license and is fully regulated. As long as you stick to this guide you should have no problem making the most of whatever welcome bonus you may get.


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