What You Need to Know About Select Garage Door Repair

Select Garage Door Repair is an established company that provides quality services to their clients.  Aside from that, they have a solid warranty for their services. This is a big factor that would help homeowners in their decision on choosing the right service provider.

Safety Cables

Safety cables are essential to the operation of your garage door. They connect the garage door tracks on both sides and help prevent a broken spring from flying out of your garage.

Torsion cables are wound around drums on both ends of an axle projecting from the spring shaft. As the shaft rotates they either extend to drop or coil around the drum to lift the door.

When the cables become frayed or snap they cause the spring to lose tension, allowing the door to fall crashing down on your vehicle.

Extension cables are not wrapped around the drums like the torsion cables but they run along the horizontal track and are created with the height of your door in mind. These cables have to be secured and wound in a specific way, so it’s important to get them done right the first time.

If a cable does break it should be contained by a containment cable, otherwise the spring can sail across your garage acting as a deadly missile that can hurt or kill someone who comes into contact with the broken piece.

Extension Springs

When garage doors open and close, they rely on a set of extension springs to store energy as the door closes. This energy is released when the door opens to lift the garage door up to an open position.

A wide variety of extension springs are available. They come in different sizes and end styles, including hooks and loops.

They are made of different types of metals, mainly high carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel. These materials have good to average corrosion resistance, electrical properties and heat resistance.

Springs are also made with different hook and loop end configurations, including crossover, machine style, side style and double loop ends. These options can help you match the spring to your needs.

Torsion Springs

The tension springs on your garage door help distribute the weight of the door evenly. This is important for a wide, heavy door.

If the springs break, this can lead to a dangerous situation that may injure people. That is why it’s best to have a trained professional do the job for you.

Once a spring is damaged, it can be difficult to repair the damaged part. That is why it’s best to replace the spring with a new one.

It is also important to ensure the replacements match. If the replacements don’t, it can cause a number of problems including an unbalanced door and worn down door openers.

When choosing a new set of torsion springs, take accurate measurements and use wire size charts to ensure you get the correct springs. These measurements will save you time and money when it comes to ordering your new springs.

Remote Controls

If you have a garage door opener, you probably use a remote to open and close it. A variety of different brands and models are available, and some are even connected to smart home devices.

You can easily replace your garage door opener remote with a new one that’s compatible with the same model. Just consult a professional to ensure you purchase the right replacement remote for your garage door.

Your garage door opener has a learn button that you can press and hold for several seconds to program your new replacement remote. Once the LED flashes, you can now start using your new remote to open and close your garage door.

Loss of a garage door remote can be a frustrating situation. Fortunately, you can easily replace your lost or stolen garage door opener remote. Just be sure to keep it hidden in a safe place or prevent theft from happening altogether by choosing a more advanced opener with security features.

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