3 Reasons Why Proposing With a Custom Engagement Ring Is Your Best Choice

Brisbane is one of the most panoramic places to ask someone’s hand in marriage. Proposing amidst the Mt Coot-tha background or while walking at the Mangroves in Wellington Point can be the dream of any couple because of its breathtaking sceneries. Meanwhile, having one of the most beautiful engagement rings in Brisbane is the only thing that can make the event more perfect.

So, if you want to propose to your beloved in one of the most stunning spots in Brisbane, you may consider using a custom engagement ring to express your love for your future spouse. This is because custom rings can make the proposal even more special. And if you are still contemplating if a custom engagement ring in Brisbane can be the ideal symbol of your love, these reasons may convince you to go for it.

#1: The Ring Is Created Especially for Your Beloved

While you can find plenty of sparkly engagement rings in Brisbane by shopping at a jewellery shop chain, your options may lack the personal touch. But if you seek the help of a private jewellery designer, you will be able to present a unique piece that will showcase your future spouse’s personality. It means that you will never find the ring anywhere else.

Moreover, your beloved will appreciate the added effort that you went through for the ring. It will also have more value for the recipient since it matches her personality. And this means it would be hard for your future fiance to say no to your proposal.

#2: You Can Add More Valuable Touches 

Working with a custom jewellery designer to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring can allow you to incorporate a special element that may have a deeper meaning in both of your lives. It can be anything from a diamond from your ancestor’s jewellery collection or a birthstone accent of your birthdays or the month of your anniversary. You may also ask the jeweller to add an engraving of the first love letter you sent while still dating.

You may place the small but significant touches in any spot of the ring. And it can be anything from the ring setting or the insides of the band. And these additions can be a secret that only the two of you knows.

#3: Custom Rings are Easier to Create Than You Think

You may simply give your preferred engagement ring design to the jewellery design studio, then let the master jeweller create their magic. Meanwhile, making the jewellery involves four simple steps:

  1. Preparation of a 3D rendering of the design through the computer – It will allow you to have an idea about what the custom engagement will look like once done.
  2. Creation of a full-size wax representation – The designer will base the wax model from the rendering and cast it on your chosen precious metal.
  3. Selection of the diamonds or other gemstones – Besides precious stones, you can also add elements like engraving or other memorabilia.
  4. Completing the creation process – Once all the gemstone and elements are attached to the precious metal, the designer can polish and finish the final product.

Aside from these reasons, you must also remember that custom engagement rings are more practical than purchasing a ready-made one. This way, you can dictate the type of precious metals and stones to use on the ring, depending on your budget. So if you are planning to ask your beloved to spend the rest of your lives together while surrounded by the beauty of Brisbane, then you must consider having the engagement ring custom-made.

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