4 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid in B2B Marketing

You have only one chance to leave a good first impression. This is a fundamental rule laid in every B2B marketing strategy. And when it comes to digital marketing, your landing page is the thing that many potential clients see first. And whether you have experience in digital advertising or you’re just a new marketer who’s trying to work out the basic rules, there are some mistakes you want to avoid at all costs.

Here is what to not do, if you want to boost your conversions and generate more leads.

What Are The Worst Landing Page Mistakes?

1. Multiple and Unclear Call-to-Action Buttons

Okay, so you’ve paid a lot of money for pay per click management services and spent many hours bringing traffic to your website. Good job! Now you have to make it clear what actions should your visitors take. If you have multiple or hard-to-find CTA buttons, your newly gained traffic may leave without giving you any profit.

Don’t try to distract your potential leads. Instead, guide them through the page, choose one but very contrasting and clear CTA button, pick a font that’s easy to read, and write short, simple copy. 

2. Using Low-Quality Images 

Landing pages should be attractive and eye-catching from the very first glance. You have seconds to impress your new visitors. Visual copy always performs better in this case. People can comprehend images easier than long texts. It also can break down your texts into better-fitting paragraphs and appear more attractive to the eye.

B2B marketing is essential for businesses of all sizes and can be difficult to implement effectively. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about creating a successful b2b marketing strategy.

Not only should you always add images to your landing pages, but you should make sure that it’s good-quality images. Avoid generic, pixelated, and dated stock images. Instead, go with unique and striking content

3. Having Slow Page Loading Speed

People are impatient and there are numerous offers similar to yours in the market. So why should they wait for your page to load? According to recent research, if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you will lose 53% of visitors. Not only will you lose potential clients, but you can also get penalized by Google and rank lower in search engine results. Keep in mind that technologies keep evolving and the wait time for your users will only get shorter.

Optimize your page loading speed. Avoid using too many images and graphics, minimize the number of redirects and always keep an eye on your website’s condition

4. Not Optimizing for Mobile

More people browse the internet on their mobiles than on computers or tablets. Having a mobile-friendly website is one of the defining factors of SEO optimization. So every landing page should be mobile-optimized and well visible on mobile devices.

Always test your landing page on different devices to see how it would look on different screens. Use a simple layout and whitespace in your design. Keep the CTA buttons on the most visible part of your page.

Everything is done for customer satisfaction. Having dissatisfied customers means having no conversion. If you decide to invest in digital advertising, be sure to take some time for landing page optimization. Avoid the main mistakes mentioned above and always keep customer needs in mind. After all, a bad landing page can cause you a loss of many potential clients. 

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