6 Golden Tips on How to Choose Your Plumbing Fixtures

We agree that a good shower at dawn will start your day on a higher note. Strong torrent showers, especially in the morning, can help you shake off sleep and get your mind focused for the day.

That said, only some showers can fulfill and give you a good experience. The following tips will guide you in all you need to know to make a perfect choice for your showers:

1. The bathroom design

The design of your bathroom will guide you in your choice of a shower. Measure the dimensions of your bathroom, considering shape, comfort, and size. Since bathroom showers come as a whole unit, choosing one that fits your space well is aesthetic and comfortable. There are wide varieties of shower designs. Choose one that will meet your needs.

2. Water pressure in your premises

The type of shower you choose will depend on the water pressure in your premises. In a place of low pressure, use an electric showerhead. The beauty of this shower is that warm water is available for extended hours. This feature saves on electricity bills.

3. Valve type

The choice of a shower valve will depend on the temperature levels you’ll need for your water. There are two choices: thermostatic valve and pressure balance valve. A thermostatic shower valve is the best in a place with children and older people. It comes with two handles, one to control the amount of water flow and the other to regulate the water temperature. With this valve, you can control the water flow without altering the temperature. That’s why it’s preferable where children and older adults live.

A pressure balance valve, on the other hand, has only one handle that controls both the volume of water flow and temperature.

4. Strength of power of the water flow

Consider an electric shower if you’re in an area where water pressure is an issue. The question is, how powerful do you want your shower appliance to be? High water flows with consistent hot temperatures for a long time require a shower with a strong motor of a higher rating.

A power shower is a good recommendation because it has an inbuilt motor which ensures that water gets a reasonable boost rate and then flows while maintaining a steady flow. It is a solution to low-pressure water areas. In addition, it mixes hot and cold water well.

5. Consider the cost of the shower unit.

There is always a shower for everyone in terms of cost. The prices range between £28 and £558. Your needs will determine how much you want to spend on the shower. Consider the valuable features carefully when you buy the plumbing fixture. There are a variety of showers to choose from; just ensure you make the right choice.

6. Shower enclosures

It is essential to choose a suitable shower enclosure for your bathroom. We have walk-in, open, closed, and cubicle showers.

The walk-in shower is a stylish, open-fronted shower that is level with the floor; hence easy to customize to a style of your choice. Open showers do not have doors; they have watertight panels that are easy to clean and install. Closed shower fixtures need three walls that are either glass-made or actual bathroom walls. The walls prevent the water from splashing out. A cubical comes as a complete unit and is available in different shapes; rectangular, square, or quadrant, and it is a watertight unit. You can choose the proper shower enclosure from those that suit your bathroom design.

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