7 Top Tips for Food Presentation and Plating for Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners have a primary goal in common and this is to improve the customer experience. To satisfy your customers, you need to improve the quality of food and the presentation of dishes. Moreover, you also need to create a mouth-watering menu displaying Teriyaki Madness Menu Prices and all other dishes.

During rush hours, it gets challenging to keep up with the food plating. When you end up getting too busy with the taste of food, the plating gets ignored somewhat. So when you are serving your guests, make sure that you give your best and ensure a good presentation as well.

Why is Food Preparation Important?

One of the most important parts of delivering quality food to customers is making the food presentation appealing to the diner. Even if the customers have visited you for the first time, the plate should be able to engage your diner’s senses.

When a meal is prepared most beautifully, customers would like to post about it on their Instagram. It will lead to free advertising of your restaurant. By playing with the taste, color, and texture, you can bring a sense of satisfaction to your diners.

Here are some amazing food plating tips that will help retain your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Choose the Right Tableware

If you are new to plating and styling, you need to know that the right tableware is important. One of the best ideas is to keep it simple with white or lighter shades. It can help you experiment with the placing of elements and garnishes without worrying about the clashing colors.

Make sure to replace any broken or old tableware that looks worn out as it could leave a bad impression on your restaurant. Conduct regular checkouts and see which ones need replacement.

Match with the Theme of the Restaurant

To develop a certain image of your restaurant to the customers, it’s recommended to match the plating of your food to your restaurant type. Your food should reflect the type of restaurant you are operating.

If you run a small restaurant, your customers expect a simple and hearty food presentation. On the contrary, if you run a high-end restaurant, your guests would like to see some delicacy in your dish plating.

Create Heights on the Plate

One great tip to present the plates the right way is to start building up and not sideways. You can do this by layering and stacking food on the plate as it can add a lot of dimension to it.

Expert chefs go by the rule of thumb to have three different heights. It helps make the food appear bigger without increasing the portion size. You can start by experimenting with the portion size with protein, starch, and vegetables.

Serve Small Portions

Small portions are easier to style and tend to look attractive. If you put the food all over the plate then it does not seem attractive and leaves no room for the presentation. But since you don’t want the guests to leave still feeling hungry, you need to keep a balance for food portions.

The portion size also depends on the type of restaurants that you run. If your customers don’t expect huge portions then you have a chance to experiment with food presentation.

Garnish and Decoration

The garnishing that you use should also add flavor and texture to the meal. It should just not be solely for decoration but also to compliment the dish with its taste. Make sure that the garnish you use is edible so it goes well with the dish.

The right type of garnish requires a lot of precision and skills. Avoid overdoing it and keep it simple yet elegant. Some varieties of garnish include sauces, edible flowers, creams, citrus zest, and herbs.

Choose the Right Plates

Make sure to choose the right plate for every dish to allow you to present it well. Avoid filling up the entire plate as it will look messy and overcrowded.

If we talk about different plate sizes, larger ones are great for steaks. For the appetizers, you can use a smaller size plate. Using different plates will help the customers feel that you have put in effort in presenting the food.

Use the Right Tools for Serving

Use the right tools since it makes a great difference in plating the food. Since you put in a lot of effort preparing the dishes, use plating tools that match your hard work.

One example is to use precision tools to place sauces on the plate in the right amount that you want. Use squeeze bottles to pour the sauce and liquids on the plate in a particular design pattern. Get artsy by adding dots and swirls. You can also use molds to shape certain food items in specific shapes like hearts, circles, or ovals.

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