Aggressive Ways to Grow Your Blog Following

After years of passively uploading blog content and not enjoying much success, you’ve decided to get more aggressive with your strategy. This is the year that you will finally achieve what all the online guides suggest that a blog can achieve for a business or individual. You’re going to grow your blog following and make an impact in the niche…but how? Here are some suggestions!

Use Evergreen List Posts

Firstly, it’s best to have an undercurrent of evergreen content running through your strategy. In short, these are articles that will generate clicks months and even years after first posting. While some posts are time-sensitive and irrelevant after a certain period, others stay relevant for a long time – balance the two and you won’t go far wrong.

Refresh Old Content

Often, people with a blog think that they must constantly create new content, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Have an old article that was successful but is now no longer relevant? Well, why not refresh and repurpose it? Google will appreciate the fresh content and your audience will appreciate the updated information.

Encourage Backlinks

As you probably know, backlinks are something that Google ranks highly when it comes to SEO. Get some links on authority websites pointing back to your content and it won’t be long before your statistics skyrocket. How do you encourage people to link to your pages?

  • Track brand mentions online
  • Message the author to build a rapport
  • Ask if they wouldn’t mind linking to your content

Since these people have already mentioned your brand or content, most will be happy to backlink to boost your strategy.

Collaborate with Others

Is there somebody else trying to achieve the same thing as you this year? If so, assess the viability of a partnership with them. Can you create content together? Can you run a competition together? Can you work with influencers to grow your blog? Often, influencers have an audience in a similar niche. Therefore, you should explore the possibilities of working with others this year.

Guest Blog

Once again, this technique has been around for many years, but it still works. After building up somewhat of a reputation for high-quality content, other websites will allow you to guest blog. Just like the previous tip, this will require you to do some networking. However, the result is two-fold because you can communicate with a new audience while also backlinking to your own content.

Outsource to Other Professionals

Often, one of the biggest limitations for businesses is time. They don’t have time to create content, upload it, share it, and engage with the comments. If this is the case for you, don’t be afraid to outsource. If you find a high-quality writer, it can make your life infinitely easier. They create the content following your guidelines, and you have time to deal with more important tasks. The digital growth marketing by King Kong also shows how you can outsource for the betterment of your strategy.

Learn from Competitors

Speak to most people trying to grow a blog and they will avoid the competition at all costs. However, it’s important to note that these people are on the same journey as you. Doesn’t it make sense to learn from their mistakes and successes rather than just pretending they don’t exist? Which blog posts went down well with the audience? Which didn’t go down so well? How do they incorporate social media into their strategy?

Pay attention to these aggressive strategies this year and you may just achieve the blog following you desire! You can get more tech news here thetechboy.

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