Capitol M-8000 Magnetic Padlocks

The Capitol M-8000 Magnetic Padlock is an excellent choice for high-security applications. It is pick-resistant, tamper-resistant, and vandal-resistant, and boasts over 250,000 key codes. For additional security, it is available with a Hall Effect microswitch, which detects magnetic activity to detect unauthorized opening.


The magnetic locking system of Capitol M-8000 Magnetic Padlocks makes them ideal for use in harsh weather conditions and remote locations. They feature over 250,000 combinations and are resistant to picks and tampering. This makes them ideal for construction sites, fences, and remote facilities.

These magnetic locks feature stainless steel or boron alloy shackles that are highly pick-resistant. They also have a two-inch wide, two-and-a-half-inch high base. They are also easy to use with just one hand. The shackle material can be changed quickly, reducing the need for extra tools.


The patented magnetic technology of the Capitol M-8000 Magnetic Padlock makes it a great replacement for older cam locks. Its lack of keyway makes it tamper-resistant, vandal-resistant, and pick-resistant. This makes it a safe choice for businesses and homeowners alike.


If you need a durable lock to protect your valuables from vandals, Capitol’s Magnetic Padlock in Heavy-Duty Brass M-8000 is a good choice. Its design lacks a keyway, making it highly pick and tamper-resistant. This lock is also ideal for outdoor use.

This lock features a patented magnetic locking system that is resistant to picks and tampering. Moreover, it’s waterproof and has over 250,000 key codes. The M-8000 Magnetic Padlock is great for fences, remote areas, construction sites, and other locations that require high security.

These magnetic padlocks operate by using a magnetic key or a key fob. They are easy to use and have more than 250,000 magnetic locking combinations. The patented magnetic technology makes them vandal and pick-resistant. They also feature a one-handed operation that is easy to operate. They are perfect for construction sites, fences, and other industrial environments.

Has over 250,000 key codes

The patented magnetic key technology of Capitol M-8000 Magnetic Padlocks provides security for a wide range of outdoor applications. This lock features a brass body and a marine grade stainless steel shackle for durability and strength. The lock is also pick and tamper proof and watertight. This makes it the ideal choice for fencing, remote facilities, and outdoor storage.

The Capitol M-8000 Magnetic Padlock is available in a variety of styles and colors, including brass and heavy duty. The magnetic lock is easy to operate with one hand. The magnetic force between the key and lock is strong enough to lock or unlock your door quickly without any hassle. The magnetic lock also features a non-key retaining feature that can be customized to fit any application.

The magnetic lock is resistant to tampering, picking, and vandalism. Because of its magnetic properties, it is resistant to moisture and is resistant to extreme temperatures. It also comes with a variety of shackle sizes and materials, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your application. The shackle can be made of corrosion-resistant marine grade steel or cutting-resistant hardened boron alloy. The shackle can also be interchanged easily for added security.

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