Celebrate Your Kids Birthday Party in the Backyard

Happy birthday wishes are the best way to celebrate someone’s special day, so why not turn it into a party? This blog article offers advice for throwing an outdoor party or even an entire backyard. With creating an atmosphere and incorporating some decorations that also serve as inflatable tents, there’s no reason your next summer bash can’t be magical. What more can you look forward to during summer than a backyard party full of friends and family, soaking in the sun, eating good food and most importantly the kids playing together. Have fun outdoors with friends and family this summer by creating a casual backyard birthday party including games, music, and more. From splashing in the pool to using the sandbox tent for extra room, anything you need is nearby!

Tips for throwing a backyard party

Celebrate all your kids’ birthday parties this summer with a backyard party to remember. It’s a great way to spend time together and don’t forget to use some of the party ideas here. Create your own party supplies out of things you have around the house. Get creative with decorations, food, and drink as well. Planning a birthday party out in the backyard doesn’t have to be complicated! You don’t need to invite every single person in your extended family to have a backyard birthday party anymore. Instead, throw an event suitable for close friends in the back garden. Boost the atmosphere around your party with a number of different activities including crinkle cut fries and grilled chicken on the barbecue that fits your food budget. Have a dance party with bacon on tacos and cake because what else would people do when they go crabbing in the bay? Another popular fun idea is to make use of old ornaments. 

Decorate your backyard with inflatable tents

If you’re having a theme party, use the tent to match the theme. Kids really love the possibilities of these backyard settings because they can slide down their slip and slides from any angle. The idea of having a party in an inflatable party tent is amazing as so many kids would feel safe and cozy yet would still be able to see their friends, explore the backyard, and feel festive all at once.

Make to Sell / Give Away in the Store

Summer is the perfect season in which children will invite their friends to celebrate birthdays in the backyard. However, the limited entertainment that some of these parties typically forgo, such as a splash pad or games, can make them less fun or even turn off at times. Make to Sell / Give Away in the Store 

Less expensive, easy gradient gift to provide customized friendship. What ideas do you have for starting your own? There is no more appropriate time to celebrate than summer. So if you have a product idea that’s going to help people have the best backyard parties yet and give it away in Costco, you’ve got a bug-year-round opportunity to sell with Picnic and make this summer a blast.

Recipe Ideas: Party Desserts

People will love these back-yard-party desserts — all three of the ideas below, especially if you add some kind of fruit to top them off. Toss a cupcake surprise in the shape of a heart on the day of your child’s birthday to finish the party off. Place small cupcakes and colorful sprinkles around the heart while it icing sets up, making sure that it has no cracks. 

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