Decra Roofing Tiles: What They Are and Why You Should Choose Them

Homes are part of where we spend much of our time; and every home has got a house for our shelter and safety. This means our houses should be durable and attractive in every single aspect. And that’s where Decra roof tiles come in, as I’ll show you in this article.

Roofing tiles that offer a complete high performance are said to be perfect for anyone planning to build a house. Considering the vast array of roof tiles manufactures’ out there, you need to at least beware of some of the recommended and reputable brands. That’s why Decra has topped the charts for a long time and is now the go for option for almost everyone.

What is Decra

Decra is a prominent and trusted manufacturer of stone coated roof tiles. It has been at the peak of doing this for about 60 years now. It gets even better knowing that they offer more types of tile roofs with abundant color options. These roof tiles are always of value and have a long time performance.

What the Decra Roof Tiles Are Made of

All Decra roofing tiles are pretty much manufactured in the same manner with the same components. They all contain these durable elements:

  • Alu-Zinc Steel which, through a number of productive tests, are said to last 6 to 9 times longer than other ordinary steel.
  • Natural Stone is essential for adding natural beauty to the roofs besides offering a hard layer of protection from even the harshest of weathers.
  • Recently, they have gone a step further to pack them with Quantum Coating Technology which is unique and advanced ensuring the chips remain attached to the tiles for a lifetime

Types of Decra Roofing Tiles

 You’d surely expect these sought after tiles to come in a variety of shapes and colors. Debra have lived to the billing and offer a vast array of tiles in forms like:

  • Shake- this is similar to handmade real-wood.
  • Milano- more of like the traditional Mediterranean roofs.
  • Slate- it’s the latest in the markets as well as unique.
  • Shingle- this suits the modern-day and rustic architecture.
  • Heritage- most loved with unending choices of natural colors.

For the one that suits your budget, revise the Decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya.

Benefits of Decra Roofing Tiles.

The obvious one is that they offer your house with an essence of beauty and color.

Other benefits are:

  • Are excessively lightweight with a cost saving support.
  • Most importantly, they also come with a much needed 50 year warranty.
  • They offer noise reduction even from excessive rain.
  • It’s easy and fast to install them.
  • They are strong and don’t crack or break easily.
  • They offer security – no unwelcome guest can break through.
  • Can withstand the severest of weathers, from high winds to hail storms.
  • Do not catch fire easily.
  • It’s even said the rain water flowing on it is clean for consumption.

Make Sure it’s Genuine

Well, for Decra’s famed high-tech tiles and caliber, it’s not unusual for some to produce copies to lure unsuspecting buyers. Here are the techniques of determining whether the tiles are really from Decra:

  • Scrape the tile and if the chips loss is excess, it’s not genuine.
  • Bend the tiles and if the chips fade and expose the steel, it’s fake.
  • Perhaps the simplest one, check the back of the tile for a decra logo. If it’s missing, it’s not genuine.


It’s no doubt Decra is the leading manufacturer of quality and valuable roofing tiles. All you need is to ensure the tiles you want to buy are genuine using the steps shown above. It is indeed true to say that no roofing can get better without being from Decra.

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