Easy-fitting dresses and tops

Select the ‘flat’ body block or the ‘flat’ shirt block for the kimono adaptation (depends on fit required). Extend to dress length if required. The back and front armhole of the kimono block are the same; the style lines for the back and front are drawn on one draft.

Body sections

Trace off the kimono shape (body block); extend to length required. Draw back and front yoke lines. Mark point A at the shoulder point, B at the underarm. Draw in back and front panel lines. Mark points C and D on the panel line. Draw in a slightly curved armhole shape; mark point E. Construct a dart of approx. 1cm. B—F is half the distance B—E. B—G is the measurement B—F; join F—G. Draw vertical lines through centre of back and front panels. Draw 2 lines parallel to sleeve line midway A—C and C—E. Add buttonholes and buttonstand.

Back and front

Trace off back and front; cut up vertical lines, open approx. 5cm. Add approx. 3cm flare to seam.

Front strap

Trace off front strap; mark buttonholes.

Back and front side panels

Trace off side panels and add approx. 3—4cm flare to each panel seam

Back and front yoke

Trace off back and front yokes; join at the shoulder seam


Trace off sleeve. Cut and open the lines at the top edge the required amount as shown. Cut up the line F—G and open approx. 3cm, re-draw the curve along the top edge; curve the underarm seam. Draw in facing for elasticated sleeve hem. Trace off

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