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In today’s time, choosing the “right” pair of lenses revolves around various factors such as lifestyle, duration, convenience, budget, aesthetics, etc. lenses liberate you from the heavy and bulky glasses that are always sitting on your nose along with providing a better vision throughout the day.

Despite so many advancements in spectacle lens technology and the arrival of surgical techniques like laser refractive surgery, contact lenses still have a high fan following and present many advantages to you. Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to their eyes, and sometimes you need to try out several contact lenses before you find” the one” for you.

Nowadays, lenses not only correct your vision but also enhance your appearance. But first, you need to get prescription eye contacts online if you have the power. With contact lenses, you don’t need to worry about running with the fear of your glasses falling off. You can be free and comfortable.

Some types of contact lenses available are –

  1. Clear Contact Lenses – This type of lens is soft and flexible and solves any problem related to vision.
  2. Color Contact Lenses – These are cosmetic lenses and are pigmented. They change the color of your eyes. Though these types of lenses are expensive, they enhance your face look by adding a different color to your face than the normal one.
  3. Toric lenses – These lenses are specially made for an eye condition called astigmatism. They are cylindrical and spherical powered lenses.

There are many factors affecting the choice of lenses like your eye health – if you have conditions like myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism; modality of your lens, your lifestyle, the duration you will be wearing the lenses; the purpose of wearing lenses – whether for appearance or vision and many other factors.

Benefits of using contact lenses –

  1. No Blurred Vision Due To Mist

People who wear glasses are very familiar with the mist that gathers on the glasses. A sudden switch of temperature from the cold outside to the warm inside causes eyeglasses to condense with water.

Contact lenses, however, are not affected due to the temperature and do not form any kind of mist on their surface; they provide clear vision throughout the time they are worn.

2. Easy Performance Of Activities

Continuous adjusting of glasses or the fear that they will fall while you play your favorite sports is a bummer. Wearing glasses is almost impossible while playing sports like football, hockey, table tennis, shooting, etc., that require high contact.

But you also need glasses for clear vision. This is where lenses enter the chat. In situations like these, lenses prove to be of great help and provide convenience in moving freely.

3. Glasses Hide Your Face

Spectacles go directly on your face and cover almost half of it, hiding all your natural features. If you prefer that no one knows about your vision correction glasses, then you prefer wearing contact lenses.

They are more comfortable to wear than glasses, with nothing irritating your nose and ears and no heavy frames pushing your nose down.

It allows you to see well and look completely natural without undergoing any refractive surgery on your eyes. If you get the lenses made and fitted according to your requirements, no one will recognize that you are wearing the lens.

4. Contact Lenses Have A Wider View

Since contact lenses go inside your eyes, there is nothing that can provide a broad view area to you. Also, thick frames of your glasses can block parts of your view, whereas contact lenses are free of any kind of interference, including light reflections that you may experience with regular lenses. They also allow you to see the objects in their actual size and position.

5. Contact Lenses Are Stable

Unlike glasses, contact lenses are stable and do not fall off. Since they are good at stability, you can have a clear vision while performing any activity. So they are the ideal option if you play sports or are involved in any other recreational activities.

6. Care

Contact lenses adjust easily to external conditions, whether rain or heat. The lens does not require much care, and if you want to eliminate even the slightest bit of upkeep of the lens, you can choose a daily disposable lens.

7. Affordable

Lenses can satisfy almost all individual requirements. Contact lenses are affordable and are cheaper than most of the branded eyeglasses that suit your needs and style. Lenses also allow you to change your eye color and experiment with a wide variety of colors and effects.

If your eye doctor approves of you wearing contact lenses, ask them to issue a temporary prescription and see how the lenses work for you. During the initial days, you may feel slight discomfort in inserting them in your eyes. You may also feel like lenses are more work than glasses since they require regular cleaning or disposing of based on the type you get.

Regular disposable lenses are better as they do not cause any type of eye infections or other infections.

After going through the struggles, you will start feeling that the switch from glasses to lenses is worth it. Contact lenses provide fewer distractions, and you can enjoy better vision.

Always remember to keep a pair of eyeglasses in your hands, just in case you feel like taking a break from contact lenses. If the lenses feel like a strain on your eyes, use glasses. Lenses are the simple solution to all your eye-related problems and make you feel more comfortable than glasses or anything else.

Wrapping Up

While glasses have existed in the environment for a long time, lenses have created their spot in the market. Contact lenses boost one’s confidence as they are not visible on your face and provide better visual coverage than glasses.

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