Factors Influencing the Price of Sugarcane Juice Machine in Kenya

A sugarcane juice machine is an industrialized station that extracts juice from sugarcane. The device works by pressing out the syrupy solution from the sugarcane. The apparatus may be either powered by human force, gas or electricity. This article focuses on the factors that influence the pricing of sugarcane machines.

Type of the Juice Machine

Sugarcane juicer machines are available in different types, models, and makes. They range from manual juice machines to electric and commercial devices. Depending on the type, it will be suitable for home or commercial use. Therefore, it will influence the machine’s price because of the features that come with simplicity or complexity.

Brand Name of the Machine

It has always been standard practice that some brands will be more expensive than others. Brands will always place themselves as the best in the market; therefore, they will charge special prices for their sugarcane juice machine. However, several brands produce good-quality juicing machines at affordable prices. So, a user will benefit more and get value for their money by conducting a store to store window-shopto check many brands.

Quality of materials used in making machine

The machine may cost slightly more simply because it has been built better. The features and superiority of the materials used greatly determine the sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya. A manufacturer can charge more for any extra parts. However, an added feature does not necessarily mean the machine can extract high-quality juice. Therefore, it is important to compare more machines to get the best device for the best price. If, for instance, the machine is made of the best stainless steel, it will be more durable and withstand corrosion.

The Purpose for purchasing the machine

You can use a sugarcane juice machine for different purposes in different environments. These environments range from homes, shops, streets, and restaurants. Some extract machines work well in these environments. An automatic sugarcane machine, for instance, is efficient as it allows the extraction of the most juice from the sugarcane stalk. It may be suitable for commercial use as it minimizes business costs.

Power of the Machine

The machines are also priced based on their ability to create sufficient power to drain the juice from the stalk quickly. Juicing machines for commercial use have more significant motives and engines. It ensures faster and easier extraction of more juice from the sugarcane. The more power and features in the big juicing machines make them more expensive than the smaller ones. Manual juice machines cost less because they are easy to repair, owing to fewer electrical parts and less complex systems. They also consume less power.


Before purchasing a sugarcane juice machine, it is always prudent to consider the market prices against your budget. It will give an idea of how much you are willing to spend and get the best quality and efficient juice machine that meet your purpose.

With the given information, you can now effectively shop for various makes, models, and features that fit your budget and use.

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