Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bone Saw Machine

Bone saws are ideal for cutting meat, bones, poultry, freezing meat, and fish.

This article aims at the bone saw. The machine poses unique features designed with two interchangeable blades for cutting bones. Buying a quality bone saw ought to be a priority for every buyer. Thus the article can be important when one needs to buy one.

Due to industrialization increase, the demand for machines has gradually increased in order to fulfill companies’ need to work faster and easier to be competitive in production levels. This has included the need for a saw and specifically, a bone saw.

Below are some of the factors that one should consider before buying one.


Various machine models and brands differ in size as adapted to different cutting functions. Large bulkheads of bones or meat when cutting through, a large bone saw machine is used as it allows items of large size to pass through. The bigger you choose, the more the costs of the machine.

Nonetheless, you can decide to go with a small size and less money it costs to buy the machine if you know that bone sizes and huge meat are not of concern.

Access to space

This does not directly affect the cost of the bone saw machine. Although it can determine if a certain machine is likely to be suitable for your purpose in the butcher’s or kitchen depending on room space.

Electrical machines cutting bone faster can disadvantage butcher men who own butcheries of small sizes as the machine requires some bigger space.

Manual or electrical

You might have seen several butchers cut using manual screws through the bone. This method is tiresome, boring, and slow. You can understand this if one time works closely with a butcher. Then an electrical bone machine is very quick to cut a bone with no effort and also the safety issues care for A

The above feature plays a huge role in determining the cost. The electric bone saw machine price in Kenya is slightly higher compared to the manual one.

Proper use of the machine

Upon delivery of the machine, unpack and read the technical specifications as most function almost the same way as instructed. When the manual guide is followed well this helps to determine the correct use of the machine and early detection of any malfunctioning.


Regardless of where you get the machine from, it should be very easy to use. However, machine efficiency depends on the capability of the product to function well and the cost determines the device service.

For instance, expensive machines tend to have a long warranty of up to 5 years while cheap ones have short warrant life of 6 months.


This saw is made of stainless steel to ensure if handled properly it cannot rust fast. A 1500 W power helps to drive and emit more power to work smoothly and perform the designed task properly. Various kinds of these machines weigh between thirty-five kilograms to about fifty-five kilograms and also have a voltage of 220/240V.


Based on the information above, we can comprehend the context of the bone saw machine in Kenya if you want to start a meat business.

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