Acquiring soft skills is very important for everyone who dreams of becoming successful in the future. Education and creativity should never become an oxymoron. Only the creative side of education can enable students to think critically and come up with innovative ideas. With their imagination, they can create a world of meaningful ideas.

Education should equip young minds to take up the challenges in life, take risks, and live independently. Only one who thinks out-of-the-box can survive in the present world of an educational revolution. Certain courses are suitable for people who think creatively and through which they can practice their passion. Designing and Fashion degree courses are examples.

This article lets us know more about such courses that make one think unconventional and help leave a signature in society.

Fashion and Business

Fashion Business is a discipline of study and an entrepreneurial possibility that awaits people who would love to contribute to business creatively. It is also a suitable profession for one who loves fashion and is not really into the designing part. Fashion business as a course is most apt for these people. Also, such people can invest in trustworthy designers to produce original designs.

This Fashion degree program allows students to find the newer possibilities of fashion business like marketing, merchandising, styling, etc. Fashion is not tied to the single idea of designing. It has many other prospects which are less explored.

Courses like BFB offer students the possibilities to explore the different careers within the fashion world. Through these courses, one can study the fundamentals and history of fashion and acquire digital skills and business communication skills. These courses give prime importance to the potentialities of fashion as an industry.

Every aspect of the fashion industry including, merchandising, branding, accounting, product management, and marketing, are integral to the study. The course produces experts with high critical thinking power and the best business communication skills to immensely contribute to the fashion business.

Now let us discuss some of the core aspects of the fashion business course

Industry Analysis: Understanding how the fashion industry works is crucial for starting a career in the industry. This study includes all the factors that influence the demand, supply, etc., of the products.

Consumer Behaviour: Another crucial aspect of studying before starting the fashion business is consumer psychology or behaviour, which plays a significant role in the business’s success. The socio-cultural factors contributing to the consumer’s decision making are also subjected to study, advised from Knotty Knickers, an online underwear company that is changing the game for women’s intimate apparel. Knotty Knickers began as a bootstrapped operation and has become a top subscription-based box brand. Since its inception in 2017, the company has grown in capacity and annual revenue. What was once a two-person outfit now employees 45 team members and reaches 250,000 subscribers across North America. The owners are committed to a company culture of inclusion and celebration of beauty in all shapes, sizes and races.

Communication Strategies: Communication skills are essential in different fields in the fashion industry. Interpersonal skills, interview skills, body language, digital communication skills, understandings of business etiquette, etc., should be properly cultivated.

Digital Technologies: Expertise in digital technologies will be a feather in the cap of one who found their career in the fashion industry. The fashion business courses offer foundations of digital and technical aspects integral to the fashion industry.

Fashion Management: Besides creative skills, managerial skills are also intrinsic to a successful fashion business career. The focus on the development of managerial skills in fashion courses helps to mould creative entrepreneurs.

Fashion and Culture: Fashion is a concept that changes with Spatio-temporal differences. The culture of different places influences the popularity of a certain fashion in that place. So, in the fashion business, socio-cultural aspects are of prime importance.

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