How To Choose the Best Compact Mirror

A compact mirror is an amazing tool for anyone who needs to get ready on their way, have some quick makeup touch-ups or even convert a bad hair day to an amazing one when there is no mirror available around. Most people find that a lightweight and sleek compact mirror that is tiny enough to fit in your travel bag or shoulder bag is the perfect option to always carry around. It is simple, easy to transport and very handy too. These mirrors come in all shapes and sizes but even the biggest size would fit in your palm. This makes it easy to always keep in your purse.

Number of Mirrors

A compact mirror usually has a single reflective surface inside it. However, some mirrors come with two of these. One enlarges the image more than normal. This can be super helpful if you have trouble putting on your eyeliner or looking at your skin in a normal mirror due to your eyesight. You can even look at any spots on your face that are not visible in a standard mirror.


Since mirrors have to go in your purse, make sure you buy a strong and durable compact mirror. Plastic is not that sturdy and can break causing serious injury as broken mirror cuts your skin in milliseconds. A metal frame around the compact mirror is the perfect choice since it protects it from breaking. If the mirror shatters after falling once, it is a risk. The tiny shards that spread around are extremely dangerous. Remember to buy metal casing compact mirrors and be caution about them. Do not throw your purse around carelessly if it has a fragile thing inside. Mostly, compact mirrors now available in the market are of good quality and strong material.

Additional Features

Many compact mirrors come with additional features such as tiny lights around the frame or maybe a blush or some eyeshadows in the casing. If you want something more than just a mirror, you can look through these options too. Such mirrors cost more than the standard ones but the extra stuff is beneficial too. The light can help you see clearly even if you are in an area with dull lighting. And compact mirrors that come with built in makeup are an amazing way to give yourself a quick touch-up on your way to work.

Testing Out The Mirrors

It is a good idea to test the mirror once before you decide to buy it. Check your hair, skin and makeup in it. You need to ensure that the size is perfect for you and the compact mirror has no defects. Buying without testing can be a problem if you start encountering issues later on. Knock once or twice on the casing too and see if the mirror is perfectly intact and the glue is strong. There should be no weird noises coming from it when you shake it since that means a poorly put together mirror.

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