How to Start a Blog from Scratch: 3 Tips

Procrastination is acceptable in a college, not when you want to get busy with what you love 🙂 Do not get stressed. Just start your blog. Open your laptop and write down your ideas. Even if something feels silly at the moment to write down,  do it anyways. Later your thoughts will lead others, and you will have a creative blog afterward. This article will help you set up your blog quickly and operate smoothly. 

 Three Tips to Start a Blog

1. Plan Ahead

If you already have thoughts about starting a blog, you have a general idea about what you want to write about. That’s great! Focus on it and try to keep track of it so that people who follow your blog will know what content to expect from you. A task management software would be beneficial, especially when you will have a lot of things to do and a lot will be going on in your mind. 

Think of at least ten blog post ideas and titles once you have decided on the subject of your blog (informative, entertainment, medical, travel, or else). Planning will make your job easier. You will know what and when to post on your blog, which will save you a lot of time. Of course, it would be great if you could also take a moment and write the outlines. 

2. Setup the Blog and Schedule Posts

When you have the ideas for the upcoming posts, it is logical to choose the platform for your blog finally. WordPress is the one commonly used for blogging. Even the free plan is enough for the beginning, where you can select a template, add plugins, or make adjustments to the design features. Then, of course, you will need to upgrade it sooner or later for more features, but you will be just fine for now. 

When you already have your WordPress blog site, you can create several drafts, add sentences or delete passages, insert images, format it in an SEO-friendly way. You can publish the final drafts manually or schedule those to get automatically published—consistency matters in blogging. Make sure you post twice a week if you have short articles or once if your articles are longer. It would help to share your blog with other channels for broader reach. Knowing your customer’s preferred channel will significantly ease your choice of social media platforms.

3. Ensure Active Social Media Presence 

Stay active on social media. Share your blog articles on Facebook or Instagram or both of them if you feel like your target audience is happening on both platforms. Again, it is essential to be friendly and build a good reputation. Remember, people are looking for good emotions and sincere communication, so make sure you promote customer engagement on social media platforms, as well as your blog site’s comments. 

You can also check how your audience is reacting to your posts. Finally, you can conduct a social media analysis every month to see your statistics and amend your blog posts or posting schedule. 

Wrapping up

The start might not be clear, but the process is enjoyable. Just follow these tips, and it will be a lot easier to get started on your blog. Keep it consistent, and you will see the satisfying results soon. Good luck with your new blog!

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