Looking For A Personal Injury Lawyer? Check These Dos And Don’ts

You are injured and have a potential personal injury claim. Like most people, you may not know everything about the claims process or how to put a value on your claim. Your best resource would be a local personal injury lawyer. If you have never hired one, here are the dos and don’ts to follow.


  1. Ask around. Talk to people you know about injury lawyers they have worked with. If that doesn’t work, check online. Websites like Nolo and even Google can help find listings in your city.
  2. Be specific. What kind of claim do you have? An injury lawyer may know the laws, but not everyone deals with all types of cases. If you have an auto accident claim, you need an attorney who specializes in such cases.
  3. Ask about experience. There is no harm in doing some background work when looking for an attorney. Make sure you ask the lawyer about their area of practice, what type of cases they regularly work on, and so on.
  4. Discuss the fee. Most injury lawyers work without an hourly fee. They charge a part of the fee, which is contingent on the outcome. The eventual price, but the standard norm, is 33% for most law firms.
  5. Ask about your case. what can you expect when you file the claim? What is the expected settlement? How long could it take? Ask these basic things before you engage the attorney.


  1. Don’t miss the red flags. If an injury lawyer promises too many things or guarantees an outcome, it is a clear lie. Avoid lawyers who are ready with a response even before they hear your questions.
  2. Don’t pay a fee for a consultation. An attorney is expected to review your personal injury claim for free. If the law firm insists that you pay a fee for that, do not agree.
  3. Don’t choose the first lawyer. As we mentioned, you must do some initial homework to determine the best attorney for your claim. Just because you found a law firm doesn’t mean you have to choose right away.
  4. Don’t expect immediate solutions. If a lawyer doesn’t investigate the case, they can never really know what to tell the client. Yes, most injury lawyers can offer some insights based on the initial details but do not expect instant answers.

Get an attorney at the earliest because you have limited time to file a claim.

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