Manaslu Circuit Trek – A Best Himalayan Treks In Nepal

If you are interested in an off-the-beaten-path trek, you may want to consider the Manaslu Circuit Trek. This four-hour trek leads you to one of the highest points on the trek, with a view that is unmatched. The lineup of mountains that encircles the region is incredible.

Less touristy

One of the best Himalayan treks in Nepal is the Manaslu Circuit Trek. The trek passes through dense bamboo forests and takes you into a valley where you can stay the night. It’s a long day at high altitude and the final descent is difficult, but this is the highlight of this trek.

First aid kit

A basic first aid kit is an important item to bring on Manaslu Circuit Trek. The kit should include bandages, antiseptic wipes, blister treatment, and anti-inflammatory and allergy medication. The kit should be carried in a backpack pocket near the top of the pack. Toiletries, including feminine hygiene products, are also useful. Bringing them on a trek will save you from having to shower. Also, they are a good way to disinfect hands while on the trek.


If you are planning to trek through Manaslu Circuit, you should have a guide. It is extremely difficult to acclimatize yourself in such a high altitude and you may end up experiencing symptoms of altitude sickness. This is because the Manaslu Circuit trek takes you above the elevation of 3,500 meters. The trek passes through the Larkey la pass at an altitude of 5,106 meters. To avoid experiencing these symptoms, you should take ample amounts of water and eat healthy food. You should also keep a steady pace while trekking.

A licensed guide will help you navigate through the challenging terrain and will be a valuable asset to your trip. Unlike porters, licensed guides know all of the ins and outs of the trails. They also know how to prepare food and acclimatize trekkers to the high altitude. This means they can be invaluable in dealing with altitude sickness. A licensed guide will typically charge between twenty to thirty dollars per day for his or her services. This will cover his or her meals and accommodation. In addition, you will be protected by a guide’s insurance.

Offers a perfect blend of nature and culture

Manaslu Circuit Trekking is a great adventure for those looking to experience a mix of culture and nature. The challenging nature of the trek demands that trekkers be in top physical and mental condition. A rigorous training program is recommended to prepare for the challenging terrain and avoid altitude sickness. Besides being physically fit, trekkers should practice proper hygiene. Carrying water purification tablets or drops will ensure that their drinking water is pure. While trekking, travelers should also take note of the changing weather conditions and the season.

It is remote

Trekking on the Manaslu Circuit is a demanding adventure, and the physical and mental preparation is crucial for a successful trip. Strength-building exercises and cardiovascular exercises are essential to maintain your stamina and prevent injury. Mental preparation is also important, and should be done well in advance of the trek.

The climate and weather play an important role in the difficulty of this trek. The winter season is coldest and most routes are closed due to heavy snowfall. During this time, temperatures may range from 2 to -7 degrees. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a difficult adventure in this remote region, so personal bottles are a must. Also, as the trail ascends, the number of shops decreases, so preparing to drink plenty of water is essential.

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