Meet SweetPad – a Decentralized Double-Audited Launchpad

New challenges are being overcome with new methods. The development of the crypto world is vivid evidence of that. And it is not accidental that crypto launchpads are developing rapidly at present.Sweetpad is a decentralized platform designed to raise funds for new projects IDOs․ Every project applied runs through a double audit process for security to users.

Sweetpad platform has:

  1. A launchpad for new crypto projects.
  2. Wallet management system.
  3. A Dex UI.
  4. NFT staking system for lottery and new coin reflections.

Users Can stake Sweet coins (SWT) on our platform to receive xSWTs which give

guaranteed allocation for all new projects.

Users can stake NFT on our platform to receive:

  1. Lottery tickets which give access to the whitelist of new projects
  2. Coin Reflections from the new projects launched.

Let’s go deeper into some details.


  • Launchpad

  • Ease of usage

We engineered our platform in a very user-friendly way to give access to all types of

audiences including beginners in Crypto with no previous knowledge.

  • Guaranteed whitelist spots

Unlike other launchpad platforms, we have allocated whitelist spots where the spot is

guaranteed for the user.

  • Anti-Whale Trap

Our Anti-Whale Mechanism ensures that no single sell order can amount to more than

0.05% of the total supply of Sweet coins. This mechanism halts any price manipulation

trials by large holders.

  • AntiRug pull problem solved by double authentication

Sweetpad carefully dissects every project applied for the launchpad IDO, to ensure the

safety of our users’ investments, to fulfill that, the applied projects will pass 2

phases of authentication.

  • Internal Authentication

Sweetpad has a Coin Audit department, which has a team full of crypto experts who are responsible for screening the projects applied and their tokenomics.

  • External Authentication

To ensure maximum safety for the investors, Sweetpad has external independent Coin Auditors whose names will be displayed under each project audited.

  • Sweet coin Anti-rug pull system

Team wallet will be locked for the first 6 months with a vesting plan of 18 months giving reassurance for our users, also reserve wallet is locked and controlled by a smart contract which will automatically unlock a portion of tokens when the liquidation pool is low. 

  • Anti sniping bots 

One of the biggest problems in Launchpads is the sniping bots. Sniping bots buy the coin once launched and sell it after a few hours, causing a price crash endangering users’ investments and project continuity. However, in Sweetpad Anti sniping bots have no power, since all allocations will be only through a whitelist.


Our roadmap, which covers the whole of 2022, is divided into quarters, which in turn represent the stage of development of our plans.

In the first quarter, we have already finished and launched the landing of our website, where you can find any information about the launchpad and make investments. The seed stage of the sale has already been completed, now the individual sale is underway, about which we will write in more detail in our next article. Active work is being done on the existing agreements and cooperations as a result of them, as well as finding new partners. And after the release and sale of our NFTs, we will summarize the first quarter of the road map.

The second quarter will bring the airdrop distribution and Public sale round. We will finally launch our platform and staking access on And the last thing will be the listing on different exchanges.

In the third quarter, we will run our exchanger and open the pools.

And finally, the finishing quarter of the year will mean a new start for us, because Sweet Game and Sweet Metaverse will be launched.

Audit System

We have already talked about the fact that one of our main advantages of the launchpad is the double audit system. Now let’s explain how it works.

Our internal consultants’ team scrutinizes projects exploring products, smart contract, tokenomics, product economics, finance, team (KYC), prospective, market potential, etc. At the end of it all, the projects are filtered, and the projects that have been audited by our internal consultants are released to the panel of independent audit experts. There, the projects are subject to final verification and approval by an independent audit, after which they are available and then launched on the SweetPad website.


First of all, let us mention that 100 million tokens will be released in total. This quantity is distributed as follows: Reserve 25%, Liquidity 18%, Seed Stage 4%, Private Sale 15%, Public Sales 5%, Charity 1%, Advisers 4%, Marketing 9%, Team 19%․ Referring to the latter, let us add that the vesting schedule starts 6 months after the official start and will last for 1.5 years.

  • Token information 

    • Type: Binance Smart Chain
    • Ticker: SWT
    • Total supply: 100,000,000 SWT (Fixed)
    • Token contract: TBA
    • Initial circulating supply: 44,000,000 SWT
    • Initial market cap: 22,000,000$
    • Private sale price: 0.25$
    • Public sale price: 0.50$

For more info:

You can find it on our White Paper.

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