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When the calendar flips to November and Black Friday creeps up, shoppers everywhere start eyeing the best deals on their favorite products. It’s no different for VPN services. However, because this type of software is so frequently used for saving money on holiday shopping, Black Friday poses a particular challenge to VPN service providers.

If they want to appeal to cost-conscious users without alienating them with subpar discount offers, that is. Fortunately for avid cyber-shoppers and bargain hunters alike, a few savvy VPN services have not just prepared but also published their NordVPN Black Friday deals ahead of time. Read on to find out whether or not NordVPN will be running any special offers this year!

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is one of the most well-known and trusted VPN services, having been around since 2012. It’s also one of the most affordable, with prices as low as $2.75/month when you sign up for the two-year plan. NordVPN has over 10 million users worldwide and offers a variety of security features and server locations.

NordVPN has apps for all major operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS, as well as extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. With NordVPN, you can rest assured that your internet connection is fully encrypted, meaning hackers or the government won’t be able to see what you’re doing online. You can also access websites or apps that are blocked in certain countries or by certain ISPs, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or BBC iPlayer.

NordVPN Black Friday Deal 2018: How much will you save?

NordVPN’s Black Friday deal is pretty straightforward: you can get a 6-month subscription for the price of a 3-month subscription. That’s a 33% discount on the regular price. Though this deal is good for both new and existing customers, there is one small catch: you need to sign up via the special Black Friday landing page. If you sign up via the regular subscription page, the deal won’t apply to you.

Plan Options

NordVPN offers two types of subscriptions – one that is billed monthly and one that is billed annually. The monthly subscription costs $11.95 per month, while the annual subscription costs $6.99 per month. If you sign up for the annual subscription, you get a 33% discount, bringing the price down to $3.99 per month. The monthly and annual subscriptions include all the features of the 6-month subscription, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The 6-month subscription costs $6.99 per month, while the annual subscription costs $3.99 per month.

Why You Should Still Buy VPN on Black Friday

If you’re still not convinced that now is the ideal time to buy a VPN, here are a few more reasons why you should still make your purchase during Black Friday: – Buy VPN on Black Friday to get the best deal out there. Because so many companies are trying to cash in on the high demand for VPN services, you’ll likely find a better deal than on any other day of the year.

– You can pay for a VPN subscription with gift cards. Some VPN services will accept gift cards as payment for your subscription. You can stock up on gift cards at Black Friday sales, making the cost of your VPN even lower!

– Buy VPN on Black Friday to protect yourself online. As we all know, nothing you do online is truly private. Whether you’re shopping, banking, or connecting with friends, everything you’re doing is monitored and recorded by someone. VPNs can help protect you from being spied on, hacked, or having your data sold.

– Buy VPN on Black Friday to protect your family. If you have children who use the internet, whether they’re playing games, watching videos, or even doing schoolwork, you need to make sure they’re safe. You can keep your kids’ internet browsing safe and private with a VPN.

Should You still buy a VPN in 2022?

With the government and ISPs around the world trying to collect as much data as they can, you need a VPN to protect your privacy and security online. A VPN encrypts all of your data before it leaves your device, making it unrecognizable to ISPs or hackers. That means you can use the internet with confidence, knowing that no one is tracking you or your online activity.

You can also access content that might be blocked in your area, like Netflix or BBC. If you use public WiFi regularly, a VPN is an essential tool for keeping yourself safe. When you’re connected to public WiFi, there’s no guarantee that the network is secure. Anyone on the network can see what you’re doing and steal your data. A VPN will encrypt your data and protect it from prying eyes.


Black Friday is the perfect time to buy VPN services, as you can get steep discounts on both new and existing plans. If you’re still on the fence about signing up, remember that VPNs are not just for shopping — they’re for keeping you safe and secure on the internet. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can protect your data, privacy, and identity online. That seems like a small price to pay for such a big reward.

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