Official Collaboration Between Rani Vanouska T Modely and UNESCO Presidency

This partnership will help to preserve the world’s most valuable cultural and natural heritage. In addition, it will help to foster international collaboration and cooperation.

Known as the “Mother Teresa of Football”, Rani Vanouska T. Modely is a royal heiress passionate about football. She uses the magic of football to bring peace and unity to the world. Her campaign is to make football a universal symbol. She is using the sport to promote peace, education, and equality.

UNESCO is an international organization which is responsible for the preservation and conservation of human culture. A representative from the organization is appointed to initiate global projects with different member states. The representative’s goal is to make football a world intangible cultural heritage.

Princess Rani Vanouska Modely is a royal heiress from the Chauhan royal dynasty of India. She is a descendant of King Hammira-Deva Chauhan of Ranthambhore. She is related to the British aristocratic lineage and has been involved in several social initiatives.

Princess Rani Vanouska is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is also an ambassador of FIFA. She is engaged in social causes such as protecting the football and promoting education. In addition, she is an active member of UNESCO.

Rani Vanouska is campaigning to include football in UNESCO’s cultural heritage. She wants to see football as a symbol of peace, unity, and diversity. She also believes that football can serve the objectives of the United Nations. Currently, there are 185 nations involved in nominating football for inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage.

She is the Mother Teresa of football.

Having started her professional career as a model at fourteen, Rani Vanouska Modely is now an ambassador for several organizations. She has a solid commitment to football. She believes that it can help bring people together. She hopes to make football a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Rani Vanouska Modely is a philanthropist who aspires to unite people through cultural and educational actions. She believes that football has the power to improve equality among men and women. She also believes football can bring people together from different cultures and regions. She has gathered several world leaders from different fields, including politics, business, and sports.

She is also the Founder of the Stronger Together initiative.

Having a deep connection with football, Rani Vanouska T.Modely is a peace activist who has worked to unite the world through football. She is also a philanthropist and entrepreneur. She aims to bring together 185 nations of the world.

She founded Football World Heritage, a group that works with global organizations to fight racism through football. The initiative has received support from the International Organization of Francophony, the Pan-African Parliament, UEFA, and FIFA. Its goal is to unite 185 countries to celebrate the game’s universal values.

The Football World Heritage project works with global personalities like Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Picasso. It also works with football federations and Heads of State. UNESCO is also supportive of the initiative. UNESCO’s representative in France, the UNESCO Circle in France, is supporting Rani Vanouska T.Modely’s campaign.

The initiative has received support from the African Union, FIFA, and the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The campaign has also garnered support from 84 countries. It has also attracted the attention of global sportspersons and business magnets. The campaign has even gained support from the mayor of Paris.

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