Pawn Shops vs. Online Cash For Gold: Which Way is the Most Convenient?

Pawn Shops and online cash for gold companies are two of the most convenient ways to get cash for gold.

With a pawn shop, you can walk in with your gold items and walk out with money in your pocket. And with an online company, you can sell your gold without even getting off the couch.

But which option is better? If you’re looking for where to sell your gold, read on to find out.


The first option for selling your gold is going to a pawn shop. A pawn shop is basically just another name for a secondhand store, but they are more specific in what they buy and sell. If you have an old watch or ring that you don’t wear anymore, but it’s still made of gold or silver, then a pawn shop may be able to give you some money for it.

However, if your item isn’t worth much or needs repairs, then they might not be willing to buy it at all. This means that you could end up having to sell your item elsewhere if the price isn’t right at the pawn shop.

The second option is going online and using one of the many websites that will buy gold from you. Online cash for gold services work differently than pawn shops, but they can also be convenient when you’re looking for fast cash.

Instead of going into a store yourself, you’ll ship your items directly to the company’s warehouse where they’ll be inspected by experts and then paid out according to their current rates on the spot via PayPal or check deposit at any bank near you.


Pawnshops are known to take advantage of their customers, especially those who are desperate for cash. In some cases, they will offer less than half of the actual value of the item you’re trying to sell.

On the other hand, online cash for gold companies provides a transparent and fair process that allows you to receive a guaranteed price on your items. The process is simple and straightforward and can be completed in just minutes.

Awkward Situations

The first thing you’ll notice about a pawn shop is the awkward feeling of being in a room full of people who are willing to sell their belongings for cash. There’s no doubt that some people have made good money off of their valuables, but others feel like they’ve been ripped off by a greedy pawnbroker.

The second thing you’ll notice: there’s always a long line and often not enough employees to handle it all.

If you’re looking for convenience, online cash for gold might be your best bet. You won’t have to wait in line at all, and there won’t be anyone trying to convince you why they deserve more than the market value for their goods (which can be frustrating). Just send in your items and get paid fast.


Online cash for gold sites typically pay more than pawn shops because they don’t have overhead costs associated with operating brick-and-mortar stores. They don’t have to pay rent on storefront space or utilities like electricity and water, so they can pass those savings onto their customers by offering higher prices for their products.

The difference in profit can be as much as 20% so it is definitely worth considering selling your gold online if you want to make more money from selling your jewelry or other precious metals like platinum and silver.

Payment Options

Your options for receiving payment from a pawn shop are limited to cash or check. With online cash for gold websites, you have a wide range of payment options available to choose from including PayPal, checks, and bank wires among others which make it easier to get paid quickly without having to wait long periods of time before getting paid by mail.

The Final Word

Pawn shops may seem like an obvious choice for selling your gold, but there are a few things to consider. For starters, unlike cash for gold sites, you can’t just list your items online and wait for bids to roll in. You’ll need to go into the pawn shop and negotiate with a salesperson who might not be familiar with the value of your things.

Also, if you’re hoping to get the most money out of your pieces, there’s no way to know how much you might get before you go in. On the other hand, online cash for gold sites allow you to list items without ever having to leave your home — which is perfect if you have a lot of gold jewelry or other items that weigh a lot and are difficult to transport around town. You can also enjoy better profits and transparency while avoiding awkward negotiations that are common in pawn shops.

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