Questions With Theywantdonnie_

Have You Ever Came Across The Rockstar Instagram Entertainer & Music Artist Theywantdonnie_ Or Tfxdonnie?

He’s Been Blowing Up Recently With His Iconic Instagram Posts Gaining Almost 100k Followers As Of [June 20th, 2022]
His Net Worth Is Said To Be Around $100,000 & His 2 Main Social Media’s Are Snapchat & Instagram. He’s From Brooklyn & Queens New York, Said To Be Living In Atlanta Georgia & New York As Of Today.

We’ve Started Off Asking Him What He Does In His Spare Time Threw Instagram Chats, And He Responded Saying “Umm, I Sit At Home & Make Money & Try To Entertain My Fans The Best I Can All Day”. He’s Definitely One For His Community And Seems To Respond To Most Of His Requests In A Respectful Manner.

Next, A Big Question We Wanted To Ask Was If He Was In A Relationship, We Know He’s Highly Attractive And There’s Females All Over The World That Show Him Exclusive Appreciation Due To Leaked Pictures Of Females Writing His Name On Specific Parts Of Their Bodies & Even Going As Far As Carving His Name Into There Skin. But His Response To The Question Was Simply “No Comment”. Perhaps There’s Somebody He’s Hiding From His Community savefromnet .

After Backing Up From That Question, We Rathered Ask How Does Someone Get Your Love Attention. He Said “I Don’t Really Have A Type For That Sort Of Sh*t, I Just Go With The Flow For Whoever Is Down For That”.

That’s All We Decided To Ask For Now. But He’s Definitely One Of The Most Inspirational Young In The World, For Any More Questions We Should Ask Theywantdonnie_ You May Email Us At

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