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Installing skylight is not an easy task. There are lots of decisions to be made before installing the skylight. The roof needs to be cut down with a precise measurement. So it’s not a job that you can do at your homestead. You need professional help in order to do this job perfectly. Otherwise lots of problematic things can happen.  So if you need a hassle free installation in the Cape Town city we are here for you. You just need to visit us at FOUR SEASONS ROOF WINDOW And Skylights Cape Town. Book an appointment with required information’s. Our highly experienced and licensed skylight installers will reach your front door as soon as possible. If you have needed our service in case of an emergency you also can make us a quick call at (021)5517533.

For installing the skylights properly our highly experienced and licensed skylight installers follows the crucial rules and which are require to be followed in order to make the job done properly. So the installation process we follow are described bellow for you kind information. Skylights for sale Cape town – Buy skylights online from Cape Town. We have a range of skylights available for sale.

Step 1 planning:

First of all we plan out of the building where the sunlight will be installed. Before cutting any piece of the roof system we check the local codes regarding to the removal of any structural portion of the roof system and determine what the requirements are for that type of framing. For proper water evacuation we make sure to choose the correct style of skylight for the pitch of the roof where it will be installed. If the pitch of the roof is below 3.12 degree we use a curb mounted skylight. If the pitch of the roof is above 3.12 degree we use a deck mounted skylight. Installing the best skylights for flat roofs is easy, but there are some things you should know before you start.

Step 2 Locate and mark the rafters and installing the frame:

Once the space for the skylight has been determined we locate the rafters with a stud finder and mark the location between the rafter base for the rough opening. Then we create the rough opening and cut the dry wall to expose the inside of the ceiling. We clean the insulations between the exposed rafters then we install the framing using the dimension of the selected skylight. Once the rough opening for the skylight has been framed we drive a screw to each of the corner of the framing. We Make it sure to use long enough screw that will strongly hold by entirely penetrate the roof so that the outline of the frame can be easily found. Our main focus is to provide quality skylights installers cape town.

Steps 3 prepare the roof:

We carefully remove all the shingles inside and six to twelve inches outside that are marking the skylight frame using a chalk line and the screws as a guide we snap a line to mark the opening for the skylight. Then we remove the screws once the outline has been made. After doing that we cut the roof opening using a circular saw and the outline as a guide we cut out the opening of the skylight. We make sure that the portion of the roof that is being cut out so that it doesn’t fall inside. Then we cut out the roofing underlayment six inches on all side of the opening so that can provide the space for the ice and water shield to adhere directly to the actual decking around the opening.

Step 4 installing the skylight:

At this part we place the skylight over the opening and center using the notches on the skylight as a guide. Then we remove the cladding from the skylight by pulling the side and bottom away from the skylight. Once it placed over the opening we nail it into the perfect place by the provided nails. Then we install the ice and water shield making sure it runs up the frame of the skylight. After that we install the shingles and then place and secure it with nails. After that we secure the interweaving slashing at every side. At last we rapier the inner dry wall then we install the inner screen

These work methods are only can be done by the professionals. Home owners should not attempt this project without consulting licensed professionals. So contact us and we will make the job done for you.

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