Strategies to Encourage Bulk Purchases in WooCommerce?

Nowadays, online sales are delving into each and every market segment across the globe. Likewise, certain companies believe that it has become a major source of income for businesses that are planning to start their own online wholesale business. It is essential to understand how and why wholesale is different from other retail industries.

Wholesalers who want to leverage their sales should take deliberate action based on the sales principles and techniques amalgamated into the marketing actions to get the instant attention of their digital prospects. In this article, you need to learn how to plan the best ways to use bulk purchases in WooCommerce.

Personalize Pricing Package for Customers

If every customer is considered special, then there should be an organized pricing structure. It applies to you for personal pricing for each customer registered at your WooCommerce store. You need to track the activity of customers in your online store. Also, you need to understand the shopping patterns, likes, and customer preferences. This also helps you optimize pricing for bulk purchases for each customer.

For instance, if you see that X regularly purchases food for animals, then you need to understand his requirements well. After that, X decreased the prices of dog food and dog related items in the online store. However, you need to keep all the products for X at their original selling prices. This will motivate him to buy more items of his interest at a lower cost, and leverage the possibilities of future purchases at your online store.

Flat or Percentage Discounts

Flat and percentage discounts are intuitive ways to entice customers to purchase more. The final completion of the season’s sales usually depends on the flat and the percentage discount. For example, if you’re a WooCommerce store owner, you can set up discounts such as,

  • There is a 10% discount if the order consists of more than 10 items.
  • If you order more than 15 items, you will receive a 15% discount.
  • 20% for each product that belongs to a specific category.
  • A subtotal of $100 or more receives a 20% discount.

Likewise, it establishes a special pricing quantity for the wholesaler. The retailers that depend on the criteria of sales tend to ensure that the more units they sell, the more discounts and payment benefits they will get. The notion is to generate large orders and generate enormous amounts of revenue. It is probably wise to always start with something valuable and analyze how your business adjusts to the new ways of online selling and vice versa.

Group-Based Discounts

The user needs to categorize your customers into various groups, such as premium customers, business partners, and vice versa. You need to delight your big prospects with these big concessions. You need to give additional discounts to premium customers, who have established long-term relationships with you.

Also, you need to find business partners and give them special value. After all, you need to give and take business partners to strengthen the bonds. Similarly, you can assign a user role to each registered user and provide pricing that is based on the user roles. For instance, if you run a hardware store, “contractor” is considered as your regular customer who may have a different user role. You can easily set a particular rate for this user role.

As a result, you can easily ensure your personalized solutions for all user categories and ensure a purchase based on the options on your online store.For this purpose, a WooCommerce bulk order plugin would be a very helpful resource to incorporate group-based discounts.

Wholesale Pricing Labels and Personalized Shop Page

Instead of the user’s roles, you may have some products in your online store which you want to sell in bulk quantities. Also, you need to highlight such products by bifurcating the ‘bulk’ label on such products. Likewise, this feature can be easily integrated via multiple tools and relevant plugins, or vice versa.

Also, you need to ensure that customers feel special, especially those who are buying in bulk. You may have a special personalized shop page consisting of a special product catalog for those who regularly purchase in bulk quantities to make it easier for them to purchase products. It will encourage them to stay loyal and will generate a sense of belonging towards your WooCommerce store.

Tiered Pricing for Bulk Purchases

If the users need to provide an offering that your bulk customers cannot refuse in a specific time interval, you must provide different pricing slabs for your bulk purchasers.

Also, you can encourage them to buy more, so you can use tiered pricing and automatically apply discounts based on the purchase quantity. If you want to add this strategy, you need to use the Wholesale for WooCommerce extension to add multiple bulk wholesale products to leverage sales and maintain sustainable customer relationships.


Certainly, Bulk purchases offer you a significant number of benefits to your customers via boosting your sales without the need to leverage traffic, and your potential customers will get a higher purchase value. Although, tempting your customers might not be an easy task, it will trigger the aspects of how to purchase in bulk quantities. Hence, the aforementioned discussion presents the concepts and strategies that will help WooCommerce wholesalers purchase in bulk quantities.

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