Telegram Messenger – How to Use Customized Polls and Hide Your Phone Number from Everyone

Telegram(telegram中文版) is a messaging app that has native apps for all of the major platforms, including Android, iOS, and macOS. You can also use a web browser to access Telegram and log in. In addition, you can create Groups and Channels to communicate with others. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most popular features of the service. We’ll also look at how to use customized polls and hide your telegram number from everyone.

Channels are bulk mailings

Telegram’s channels are a convenient way to post messages to a large number of subscribers. You can create private or public channels to distribute your messages to a large group. You can invite other members to subscribe to your channel, which is much more convenient than sending out messages to a bunch of random people. But before you start sending out bulk mailings to your subscribers, you need to know how to make the most of the Telegram(telegram汉化版) channels’ features.

A Telegram channel is a great way to promote your business. Similar to Facebook, it emphasizes text content. You can post posts and attach different content to your messages. Channels are especially useful for letting your clients know about upcoming sales and promotions. The more exciting your content is, the more subscribers you will attract. You can create as many channels as you want, but make sure to use them sparingly.

Groups are chats that act like bulk mailings

Telegram Messenger has groups and private channels for interacting with groups of people. A group can have up to 200,000 members. It can contain chats, messages, images, videos, and audio files. Groups can be private or public, and the group administrators can add and remove members. Admins of Telegram channels should periodically update the group’s content, as the number of members grows. Moreover, larger groups tend to spread fake news and calls for violence more rapidly than smaller ones. Alternatively, users can set up secret groups in Telegram, which are end-to-end encrypted and are a private conversation between a group admin and its members.

To send mass messages to Telegram group members, you can create a custom Python script. To create a Telegram bulk messaging bot, you need an Excel sheet with Telegram users’ usernames. After that, you can run a deal, extract user IDs from a group, and use these usernames to send mass messages to your target market. You can also create a chatbot with a Telegram group to automate the whole process.

Users can send customized polls

There are several ways to create a Telegram poll. You can use the group chat option and make a poll. When a group member replies to the poll, confetti will be thrown. If no one responds, a message will display. Telegram has recently introduced a new feature called Quiz Mode, which will allow users to send customized polls. If you are looking for more options, check out Telegram Polls.

When creating a quiz, you can choose to show the correct answers and the number of votes from other users. You can choose anonymous or public voting. Public voting shows a user’s profile picture, and they can unvote the poll at any time by tapping on their profile picture. You can also set the poll to display only those who are logged in. Users can customize their polls by changing the settings in Settings.

Users can hide a telegram number from everyone

If you want to keep the identity of your friends and loved ones private, you can choose to hide your Telegram number from everyone. Telegram provides several options for hiding your phone number. Depending on your privacy preferences, you can choose to show your number to everyone, only to selected people, or only to your contacts. If you’ve already saved your phone number to other people’s telegram contacts, they’ll still be able to see it.

By hiding your Telegram number from others, you’ll be able to keep your conversations private and avoid unwanted attention. Telegram works by using distributed infrastructure. This means that all your conversations are stored locally on your device, not on Telegram’s servers. The encryption keys for your conversations are separated and never stored together. Only a court order can force Telegram to disclose your private information.

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