The Most Common Types Of Puzzles

Are you a puzzle lover? If so, there are plenty of puzzles you can try out and help you relax after a long tiring day. Puzzles are one of those classic games that have been around for centuries.  They never stop gaining popularity because of their fun and addictive nature.

Thankfully, because of the development of technology in the gaming industry, players can now enjoy their favorite puzzles on their smartphones. They can download these puzzle games on either Google Play Store or Apple Store.

But before we even delve into the various types of puzzle games available, let’s first see some of the reasons that should prompt you to play puzzle games if you haven’t done so.

One of the vital skills that anybody should acquire is problem-solving skills. These skills can help you tackle the daily activities of your life. Playing puzzle can help boost your problem-solving skills since it requires players to think about various approaches that can help solve the puzzle. They should also change tactics if one tactic doesn’t work.

Various types of puzzles

Now that you have explored some of the main reasons you should play puzzle games, let’s now see some of the most common types of puzzles you can indulge in.

1. Logic puzzles

A logic puzzle is probably one of the most popular types of puzzles out there. Such a puzzle is generally characterized by a grid that must be completed by following certain rules. The logic puzzle usually has a unique solution. In addition to that, logic puzzles may be made a bit easier by partially filling out the grid for the player. The more you fill out the grid, the more the puzzle gets simpler. The most common examples of a logic puzzle are Sudoku and Picture cross.

2. Trivia puzzles

Trivia puzzles, just as the name suggests, are puzzles that are based on any topic or area in the world. Some trivia puzzles are plain, while others are customized. For trivia puzzles, the player must have a hint on the topic. They can also learn about the hint during gameplay. It is pretty common to find trivia puzzles in escape rooms.

3. Word puzzles

Word puzzles are also among the most popular puzzles out there. Word puzzles usually require better understanding of a language. Sometimes, word puzzles can also be mathematical. For instance, there are plenty of ways to manipulate an eight-letter word without repeating any letters. Crosswords and boggle puzzles are the most common examples of word puzzles. But certain word puzzles require a bit of flexibility, especially those that are based on definitions.  This means that solving them requires experience and skills as well as a good command of language to answer them.

4. Cryptic puzzles

Cryptic puzzles are also very popular types of puzzles available. They are mostly found in puzzle hunts and escape rooms. These types of puzzles are also known as designer puzzles. Cryptic puzzles are made to be solved by any person since part of it is the epiphany required to see an extraction technique.

In a cryptic puzzle, the ultimate goal is often well-defined. For example, it can be to enter a certain phrase or word into a form that is accepted. Of course, it is worth mentioning that solving cryptic puzzles require a lot of practice and patience.

5. Mechanical puzzles

Finally, on our list of the most popular types of puzzles are mechanical puzzles. These types of puzzles can be solved by trial and error. They can be very complex to solve sometimes. The most common types of mechanical puzzles include nail puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and Rubik’s Cubes, among others.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of puzzle games out there; these are just to name but a few. One of the best things about puzzles is that they can be solved by anybody, regardless of their age. So if you are into puzzles, you can pick any of the above puzzles and start solving them.

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