Top 10 Features of House Design

Pest control considerations

Another important consideration when it comes to home design is preventing pests from accessing the house. This includes making sure your basement is damp proofed, and that the window and door seals are all tightly sealed. Rodents can squeeze through extremely small gaps, so ensure the perimeter is gap-free. When designing your house, don’t forget the garden in your quest for effective pest control in London. Planting should be kept at a distance from external walls, as should any trees. Also, make certain the outside bin area is designed to be away from the house so that any pests it attracts will be kept at bay.

It’s more than just a place to live. Investing in the future of your family is a wise decision to make today. Like investing in the bursary. If you choose the wrong stock to invest in, a bad stock decision might cost you millions of money. The same applies to common home design errors or inappropriate plans for the building. Is it going to sell if the presentation is attractive? The answer is certainly if the floor plan has the majority of the top 10 design features that a buyer needs!

Choosing the best furniture software is important because the better the software, the more realistic and accurate your designs will be. Let’s compare the best furniture design software tools on the market and see how they compare to SketchList.

If they incorporate the best features of house design and are flexible for future demands, they give the foundation for a home with increased value. Everyone has a virtually perfect home layout thanks to the flexible design. Include features that aren’t unique to your style when you choose from the thousands of plans on the web or work with a designer for your bespoke design. Instead, take into account the needs of future potential home-buyers.

Below are the top 10 design aspects that home buyers most want. Not all these elements are included in most home design software, however, the better you have, the better features you get. 

A large, well-organized kitchen – It is a favorite among ladies in this part of the house. For storage use, cabinets are also extremely useful. Ideally, space planning should take two cooks together and take into consideration them.

Keeping rooms – The available square footage is used in larger residences. An adjacent kitchen and breakfast room is a medium-sized family area. The keeping room offers a nice place for family day-to-day activities for homes with 2 two-story spaces and huge families’ rooms.

Master bedroom with sitting area — perhaps the one with the kitchen on the top. Large enough for two queen-sized beds, as well as another bedroom, the bedroom should be spacious. Furthermore, in the retreat, the lounge is a bonus. The space can be occupied by at least a few chairs and a final table. A fireplace with shelves and a TV can be found in a more upscale sitting area.

Master bath – open and bright design with plenty of natural light, separate vanity, bathroom, and shower. A bath is a nice improvement if the budget allows. Dual vanities, dual water closets, a shower, and a bathroom for women should be included. There are a lot of additional concepts you might employ in the bathroom. 

Home Bedroom (application in 2 story designs) in the main story – If the master bedroom is located on the first floor, that’s fine too. Besides the master, a guest bed is even nicer. However, putting a guest bed at the main level is a good choice when all rooms are on the second floor. You can build an arrangement for a bedroom to meet various requirements like overnight accommodation, a library or a home office.

Mudroom – a buffer between the exterior and interior of the house for the householder. Mudroom functions as a docking space, which allows you to deposit keys, jackets and coats, dirty shoes, umbrellas, and other goods without pulling these things into the main part of the house.

Among the top 10 house design characteristics is a windscreen, in addition to conventional plan components like bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, family spaces, and gardens. Investing in a property with the best design features will pay off handsomely when it’s time to cash in your nest egg!

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