Top Hairdressers of All Time

Are you looking for the best hairdresser services that you can avail yourself of to achieve the desired look you are yearning to have? Then, we guess you’ve stumbled upon the right page.

Hairdressing is the art to trim, cutstyle the hair of an individual in order to alter or maintain that person’s appearance and looks whereas a hairdresser is anyone who deals with practices of cutting and styling hair as per the demands and requirements of the individual aspirants.

There are many top-notch hairdressing services and respective hairdressers worldwide that allocate to the people various beauty and aesthetic services such as those provided by the best hairdressers Richmond.

We are sharing a list below with you of famous and organised hairdressers and salons to go with as per your preference.

  • Antoine de Paris (1884).

It is a Polishsalonorganization eventuated by Antoine de Pariswhich began in Paris, subsequently in New York in 1924. It introduced a short bob cut in 1909, then the shingle cut in theearly 1920s.

  • Kenneth (1927).

Kenneth is an American hairdressing or salon consortium, one of the established New York hairdressers. It has been in existence since the 1950s. It is also addressed as the world’s very first celebrity hairdresser.

  • Franca Afegbua ( After 1960).

It is a Nigerian hairdressing association named after Nigerian beautician France Afegbua. It represented the Bendel north in the Nigerian Senate.

  • Frédéric Fekkai.

He was a French hairdresser, predominantlyhe was merrymaking in fame during the 1990s for his notoriously high prices.

  • Anthony Dickey.

Anthony Dickey was an AmericancelebrityHairdresser. He wasacknowledged for his expertise and amazing skills in natural hair touch and finish.

  • Lee Stafford (1998).

It was a fine, established and leading British hairdresser salonthat took its heed in 1998. The clientis Victoria Beckham.

  • Nicolas Jurnjack (1994). He has been demonstrated as theleading session hairdresser and debonair stylist in the Fashion & Beauty Industry.
  • Tabatha Coffey.

Shewasa stylist, hairdresser and television personality, she has been a probationer for her established salon. She is also a television personality, as she had participated in the Shear Genius show which led to her ultimate fame.

  • Errol Douglas.

He wasan MBE, London.His clients are Diana Ross, Naomi Campbell, and Melanie Griffith.

  • David Cameron.

The clients include Zeta-Jones, Adele Adkins and Melania Trump. It is also one of the world-class and sophisticated hairdresser consortiums and salons.

  • Nicky Clarke.

It is an OBE, established inLondon. The respective clients include David Bowie, Elizabeth Hurley, and Diana, Princess of Wales.

With this list, we only intend to tell you that there are always the best ones available if you only seek them rightly. The above-mentioned hairdressers are the most sophisticated and elegant ones among many of the categories. The list has been prepared with keen surfing and searching, and exploration throughout the internet. We hope to have served you with a list so that now you know of the very established and the best hairdressers Richmond.

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