Welding of thin steel boxes not to penetrate

The problem of welding thin steel boxes and then penetrated It’s something that bothers novices who are learning to weld iron quite a bit. This is mainly due to the use of too strong power and the welding method that is not suitable for the thin 1.2 mm thick steel box.

In practice welding some steel boxes may be too difficult for a novice welder. Due to the thinness of the box steel used, the novice technicians who begin to handle welding work most often face the problem of welding thin steel boxes and then through. or did not get the work as desired For new technicians who are looking for a technique to weld a thin box iron, today we have a technique to recommend.

If it is a box steel work with a thickness of 1.2 mm., it can use the general ARC electric welding technique, which is a 2.0 mm welding wire, which ARC welding will have a problem in that the price of the welding wire is quite high. Because it is a small welding wire and less people use it. making it not very popular And some stores do not have this type of wire for sale. Because it is a wire that is suitable for specific applications only.

For anyone who has to weld some steel boxes. Electric welding techniques must be used by trying to weld from thicker workpieces. Go for the piece with the least thickness. The workpiece must be expected to be strong so that it will not be deformed. and most importantly, the distance must be shifted or the angle of the workpiece for it as the workpiece will cool down and subsequent contraction

3 techniques for welding steel boxes not to penetrate

1. Adjust the power level to be between 70-75 A.

A good welding of steel should begin with gradually welding steel and then weld spacing. By welding between the points and then raise your hand to let the iron cool. Then gradually weld the steel box again. The power should be adjusted to be between 70-75 A, which is not too strong. How to notice if the iron is too hot or not? can be viewed from the color of welded steel If the iron is red That indicates that the iron is overheating may penetrate. Therefore, it should take some time for the iron to cool down. and then weld the steel again

2. Adopt 2.0 mm welding wire.

By welding ARC by using welding techniques from thicker steel to less thick steel. During welding, the workpiece should be selected to be strong, both the distance, the shape, the workpiece angle, as well as the steel should be allowed to cool for a while before welding. Box at each point

3. Use enameled wire.

It is commonly used for welding MIG box steel because it will help the steel to withstand heat for a long time and be strong. often has a high cost because it relies on the technology of welding steel from China. Although welding steel boxes is easier than other methods, the price might be too high.

The problem of welding steel boxes and then penetrating Usually happens to people who are new to amateur welding. However, practice is required to weld this type of steel box often. In order to know the point and the correct welding technique of steel more The key technique is to weld low flames and continue to weld each point like this. as well as to regularly observe the condition of the iron box whether it is too hot or not? (See the red color) or another way to connect a thin steel box with a wire. By smashing all the incense Then melting the wire, put the wound that needs to be welded. Then adjust the power to be stronger than before

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