What Equipment Do E Home Movers Use?

In addition to our hardy, well-trained movers, there are other benefits to working with a professional moving company. Using your friend’s truck for the move will only work if it is stocked with adequate moving equipment.

Relocating to either a compact city apartment or a sprawling suburban house is not without its difficulties. As luck would have it, E Home Mover possesses the means to control them. If you don’t have the right equipment, moving can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. For a trouble-free relocation, we rely on the following tools and supplies:

Wheelbarrow, or a vehicle with only two wheels

A few pounds is all this lightweight dolly can carry. This is the first thing you should buy whenever a move is imminent. Move bulky items like furniture, boxes, and other items quickly into and out of the vehicle.

Manipulation of Heavy Machinery

If you’re discouraged because a mattress or armoire is too big to fit through the door, remember that there’s always another solution. Using only their own muscle power and these straps, our crew can wrap the piece and manually hoist it through the window. Our crew has no trouble transporting items to the second or third levels. See how a furniture hoist works in this video.

Storage bins, crates, and a four-wheeled cart

With a long walk or elevator ride ahead, Home Movers Dubai will typically load up a four-wheeled dolly with bins or crates to transport boxes and smaller items. This allows the crew to move more items than they would be able to carry if they had to make as many trips with all of their cargo. Despite its apparent lack of complexity, this is one of the more inventive pieces of moving equipment.

Cart on Wheels for Moving Heavy Furniture or Home Appliances

The crew can easily and quickly relocate heavy kitchen and refrigeration equipment with the help of this specialized dolly.


Do you have to take a step or stoop to get to your front door? The crew can use wheel dollies thanks to the makeshift ramp placed at the top of the stairs. In order to make loading and unloading your belongings easier, the crew will always lay down a ramp leading into the truck.

Master of None, Pallet Jack

Some vehicles come equipped with a pallet jack, which helps move heavy things like safes and machinery.

Pedal for a Piano

In order to safely transport a piano, this device is required. The board and the end of the piano are what keep it from falling over. The piano can be carried easily thanks to the board’s built-in carry handles, and it will stay put thanks to the strap slots.

Bag With Gear

Beds, dining room tables, and other pieces of furniture can be taken apart and put back together by our staff because we have the basic tools necessary to do so. Because of the versatility of these resources, we are able to solve any problem that may arise during your move, no matter how complex it may be.


Of course, trucks are the most important machinery we own. TheMoveMe is equipped to handle moves of any size thanks to our fleet of straight trucks, tractor-trailer trucks, and smaller cube trucks. All of the aforementioned equipment, as well as some extra boxes and other moving necessities, are available in each truck.

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