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Travel is an opportunity to discover something new and exciting. A new travel is like a new adventure. But to make this adventure more exciting and pleasant, using our services. Traveling with a large company is a fun entertainment. Because for this you will need suitable transport. We offer a huge range of reliable car for 9 passengers. Chevrolet Suburban rentals are ideal for cross-country travellers. Mercedes Vito includes a luxurious interior. Everyone is able to afford a comfortable journey.

What do we offer you?

We offer you a good selection of cars for any needs. You can rent а car for 9 passengers for traveling in a large company or for movement around the city with family. Here you will find offers for 9 seater van rental for any budget. Delivery of the machine is possible in any corner of the country. 

Also to the company’s offices, it is possible to order a 9 seater car rental at the airport or at the railway station.  We have a huge range of vehicles to suit your needs. If you prefer to rent a Mercedes, Opel or Ford 9 passenger, it will allow you to enjoy a good trip at an affordable price.

What influences the price of 9-seater rentals? 

Car rental price depends on the selected model, as well as the period of use of the car. Many factors affect the wide range of car rental prices. It is depends of particular location, the season, as well as the unique pricing policy of each company.

  • Economy-class. An excellent option for those who want to find a reliable car at an affordable price.
  • Mid-range 9 seater van rental. Cars distinguished by an increased level of comfort – ideal both for long.

Cars distinguished by an increased level of comfort -ideal both for long.

  • Executive class 9 seater van rental. The category includes cars that combine great comfort, technical perfection, stylish appearance. 

Rent car may also include the completion of the necessary equipment. GPS navigation, child seats and another that will make the road easier. Renting a 9 passenger van provides passenger comfort, you save on petrol.

How much does it cost to rent a 9-passenger car?

Rates to rent a car is between $70 and $90 per day. This is a pretty good deal, but in the low season you can pick up a 9 passenger van for rent even cheaper $40 per day. During the holidays, prices tend to rise, reaching $130 per day for the same car. You will have to pay a young driver’s fee if you are under 25. Its value depends on the driver’s age, and varies between $25-48 per day in Michigan and $20-73 per day in New York. All the necessary information about payment is available in the rental terms. 9 passenger rental car deposits is influence by the type, class of the car, its market value. 9 passenger car rental requires average, between $200 and $2,000 will be secure on your credit card.

How much to rent a 9-passsenger car for a week?

Rates to rent a car is between $490 and $630 per week. Іn the low season you can pick up a 9 passenger van for rent even cheaper $280 per week. During the holidays, prices tend to rise, reaching $910 per week. If you rent a car for a week you will have a discount.

Why cooperation with us is profitable?

We offer you absolute freedom of movement. With us you will find 9 seater van rental for any budget. From affordable economy options to cars with increased comfort. Technical serviceability. A high level of reliability is achieve through regular car diagnostics. Full equipment. You can order the necessary more features of the car during the consultation. Fair prices, high-quality cars, fast registration – the main reasons to rent a car for 9 passengers from us.  It is not necessary to rent a car with included insurance. You can read the insurance conditions. You can learn about the list of cars on the site.

We are waiting for your applications!

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