10 things every modern woman must ask from a potential life partner

Indian marriage and arranged marriage are synonyms, and it’s like two sides of a coin. Arranging a marriage is a practice going on from generation to generation in India. The process involves two families on a mission to find a suitable bride or a groom for their children. There is still a large volume of Indian parents looking for the best matrimonial sites for NRI grooms or Indian brides in the USA. However, it seems like a dark dream to decide who you would spend your life with within just a few meetings. It is almost impossible to get to know anyone on such short notice. But, on the other hand, if you are a bold and modern woman already facing the world, it’s not easy for you to settle down on anything less or compromise on anything.  

Things modern girls need to know before getting married to a stranger boy.

  • Do you and your parents expect any gifts: another common thing in an Indian wedding is dowry, which is not good. Talk to you about it and know his thoughts. Different families demand the bride’s family to give them, their relatives, the boy, which may include flat, jewelry, car, gold, etc., if they want to marry.
  • Does he prefer to live separately or with family: these days, living separately from parents within the same city is not uncommon. Most couples prefer to do so for various reasons. Maybe you both have different opinions is this perspective of living with parents or separately, it is always great to discuss such thing in the initial meeting,
  • What are his thoughts about a woman working post marriage: if you are currently working and conscious that your dreams will crash after your wedding, then talk to your partner about his thoughts and tell regarding your conditions. Is he one of those men who treat women equally? Try to match your thought with the boy, and if it seems ok to you, then great you find the one.
  • Does he know cooking: being a working couple, both must have some cooking skills, whether he is willing to assist you on the kitchen counter,
  • Who will manage the household chores: well, if you are going to be a working couple, it is difficult for you to manage all the household work by yourself. It is better to discuss things prior. It may be possible he may not have helped his mother, but he wanted to keep his wife happy and have respect for her work, so a boy has to help. If you are a UK bride looking for an Indian groom, it is essential to know this.
  • To discuss your hobbies: he might have an outstanding package or a position, but it is essential to check his free time. Discuss his hobbies to know what you have in common, and his contribution to the marriage. After all, you would be going to spend life together.

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