15 Marketing-Related Jobs and Careers

Considering a career in marketing? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that securing a marketing qualification can open the door to many diverse career opportunities. Here is our lowdown on the jobs and careers that may be on offer if you have a marketing qualification.

  • Brand Manager

Brand managers are in charge of raising awareness and shaping attitudes about a product, service, or company. Brand managers can work in permanent, generally senior roles, allowing them to have a long and lucrative career in marketing.

  • Marketing Campaign Manager

A campaign manager is in charge of the marketing of a brand, product, or series of products at a high level. They may have a marketing budget that may be spread across many platforms. It is their responsibility to manage successful campaigns and maximize the budget’s return.

  • Content Creator

Many people start their careers in marketing as a content creator. Businesses and marketing firms that need to create new material on a regular basis, such as for blogs or website articles, often recruit interns or recent graduates for this role. The majority of content generation involves writing; however, content creators may also be required to create additional forms of material such as social media postings, photos, animations, and videos.

  • Customer Success Manager

Customer satisfaction is more crucial than ever in the age of internet reviews. If a consumer is unsatisfied, you risk losing not just their business but also a large number of potential customers. Making the most of your client base is the goal of customer success management. Working as a customer success manager will typically involve enhancing your products and services, boosting client spending over time, and winning endorsements from happy clients.

  • Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager manages a company’s online marketing initiatives. Online advertising, social networking, website design, and search engine optimization, web form design, and online customer relationship management are all responsibilities in this field. The position may be highly hands-on in a small firm, while digital marketing managers in larger firms will have a stronger emphasis on coordination and management.

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  • Market Researcher

Market research is a field that focuses on the empirical aspect of marketing. The goal of a market researcher is to acquire information on consumer markets, how goods are viewed and utilized, and the efficacy of various marketing strategies using appropriate research methodologies. Sales data analysis, surveys, focus groups, and A/B testing are all examples of market research methodologies.

  • Marketing Assistant

Working as a marketing assistant can be an excellent place to start your marketing career. While it can be a taxing role that involves many mundane activities, it will enable you to learn the ropes and work alongside more experienced marketing professionals. As you expand your skills, you may have an opportunity to delegate your responsibilities to younger colleagues. Under supervision, you could react to inquiry emails and chat inquiries, do telemarketing, gather research data, write copy, and update marketing content.

  • Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator is a skilled individual who ensures that a variety of responsibilities are completed. A marketing campaign can include a lot of distinct aspects. Rather than performing these responsibilities independently, a marketing coordinator assigns them to others. The coordinator has the option to purchase services or delegate tasks internally.

  • Marketing Intern

An internship is a great method to jumpstart your marketing career. It provides you with crucial formative experience and an opportunity to get your foot in the industry. Many internships are unpaid; however, in some cases, marketing interns are paid a nominal salary. In exchange for free or low-cost marketing services, the company gives oversight and coaching. An internship can lead to permanent employment if everything goes well.

  • Marketing and Promotions Manager

At the executive level, promotions is a specialized marketing profession. Contests, product giveaways, client referral schemes, and special events are all examples of promotions. Promotions experience is useful to corporations and other organizations since it teaches you what works and what doesn’t.

  • Public Relations Manager

Public relations is a communications and marketing discipline in which your goal is to help a corporation or other organization develop a favorable image. This can be accomplished by releasing information in a controlled manner, such as through press releases or marketing. However, the position may need you to act as a spokesman and develop relationships with others, such as potential clients or partners. To avoid reputational harm, you may also need to respond to any negative publicity.

  • Sales Director

A sales director is in charge of the marketing staff as well as the overall sales strategy. They may be referred to as a retail manager in a B2C (business to consumer) scenario. Salespeople are instructed, mentored, led, and supervised by them. They may also manage sales budgets, recruit, and establish plans and tactics. Gaining sales expertise and developing a passion for it is required for a job in sales management. This career opportunity is one reason why university students might consider getting a conventional sales job before or after graduation.

  • Search Engine Optimization Manager

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that everyone in the digital marketing industry is familiar with. There is a burgeoning SEO services market. After all, everyone wants to be at the top of Google’s search results. SEO experts have an in-depth technical understanding of how search engines create results and how to optimize websites. They also work well with clients and come up with novel techniques to encourage content managers to link to their websites.

  • Social Media Specialist

Social media pros know how to use social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, for business and public relations. To be successful in the contemporary era, businesses need a favorable social media image, a high number of followers, the ability to reach an audience through good content, and successful paid marketing initiatives. Social media experts achieve these goals by keeping up with the latest developments in social media and marketing methods.

  • Telemarketer

Despite the fact that texting and emails are increasingly replacing phone calls as a means of communication, the telemarketing sector remains strong and active. Talking to someone is still an efficient approach for a trained salesman to convert leads and produce sales. Telemarketing is an excellent learning experience for any marketer since it allows you to develop abilities that will last a lifetime.

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