3 Questions to Ask a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Washington DC

More than 2.5 million workplace injuries happen every year. Some studies also show that an individual gets injured in a workplace after every ten seconds. And this doesn’t even include cumulative traumas, which occur over time.

These injuries may turn out to be traumatic. Lost wages, treatments, and hospital bills will always rack up bills and debt, which are impossible to pay.

If you have been involved in a workplace accident and sustained injuries, it is important to click here for a good workers’ comp attorney to represent you. In order to ascertain that you work with the best lawyer, the following are questions you need to ask:

1. What is Your Success Rate?

It is not a must you spend years grilling potential lawyers about their past failures and success. However, you might want to get a sense of what their success rate is.

A great and savvy lawyer already expects this question. So when asking this question, it will be a good indication if the expert shares a ballpark percentage when it comes to their success rate.

Although there is no wrong or right answer, there is no doubt that a high success rate is a good indication of capability and performance.

If you realize the lawyer is acting evasive or think they can embellish their achievements, these can be red flags to bear in mind as you continue to ask the rest of the questions.

2. Do You Deal with Workers Comp Cases?

This is an important question you need to ask. It plays an important role in your family’s future. An attorney can be a great lawyer. Though they might not have enough experience when it comes to dealing with workers’ compensation cases.

Attorneys who deal with various areas can do great work on your case today and then offer help to another client the next day.

It will be best to know where the lawyer focuses their energies. If an attorney works in various areas, perhaps this may not be a viable option, especially when you are nervous about the claim.

You might want to deal with an attorney who may guarantee a positive outcome and is familiar with the ins and outs of the compensation process.

3. What is Required of Me to Protect My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Unfortunately, most employers, as well as their insurance firms, do what they could to deny or limit workers’ compensation claims. This means you must take the necessary precautions so as to protect your injury claim.

This involves seeking medical assistance and reporting your injuries to your employer immediately. You might as well need to keep notes on your medical bills, medical record, and the way your injuries develop with time. The lawyer you meet up with can give you more steps that you ought to take so you could protect your workers’ comp claim.

In a Nutshell!

Workers don’t imagine reporting to work and sustaining injuries while in the line of duty. But everyone knows that accidents happen every time. So when it does, it is important to hire a reputable and experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Washington DC to represent you.

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