3 Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Make a Difference

By their very nature, it is hard to foresee accidents. You could be having a pretty good day and going about your errands as usual. Out of the blue, you find yourself involved in a car accident. 

Now you face days of healing from the injuries you incurred. The mounting hospital bills are putting extra pressure on you. Add on to the fact that you can’t work during the recuperation period, and the stress rises further. And, it bothers you so much that the other party was to blame for the accident.

You may not know that you can get some financial relief by making a personal injury claim. If it is evident, and there is corroborating evidence that the other party was at fault. You can go after them for compensation. 

What you need, with immediate effect, is a personal injury attorney. You will understand why as we explore ways these lawyers can make a difference. 

1. You Get the Benefit of the Personal Injury Attorney’s Expertise

Let’s start by saying that getting compensation after a car accident can be difficult. There are two claims resolution avenues.  

2. Mediation

In the best-case scenario, the at-fault party will accept the liability. After mediation, with legal representation for car accidents present for both sides, they will accept to compensate you. The negotiation power of your personal injury lawyer will matter. 

Remember, the at-fault party will always look for a way to minimize their expenditure. They may offer very low compensation to get the case over with. 

But your personal injury attorney will have done the necessary tabulations. They will know exactly how much would be just compensation for the accident. It places the attorney in a better position to negotiate a better settlement for you.  

3. Litigation

As we said, mediation is the best-case scenario, but it doesn’t always happen that way. During the initial consultation with your personal injury lawyers in Tampa, they may mention litigation. Sometimes the at-fault party denies culpability. 

In other cases, the insurance company may offer compensation that is way below a desirable amount. The car accident attorneys have no choice but to take the case to court. 

In the latter case, the expertise of your lawyer for auto accidents will matter. They should:

  • Have good knowledge of state-specific personal injury claims statutes. Each state has its interpretation. So, let’s say you hire a lawyer practicing in Tampa to represent you in Mississippi. They must get comfortable with Mississippi personal injury laws and court processes. Places like Texas have comparative negligence laws. That means everyone in the accident gets a percentage of the fault. Understanding and negotiating such nuances could significantly impact what you get. 
  • Have a good track record with litigation. 95% of personal injury cases do not make it to court. That means many of the attorneys have excellent mediation experience. But they may struggle with trial cases. 
  • Be objective in handling your case while ensuring that they protect your interest. 

Please take time to do proper research on the attorney for motor vehicle accidents you want to hire. Experience and a winning record are critical factors.  

4. Access to Relevant Resources

It may be tempting to think you can pursue a personal injury claim on your own. After all, the police reports show the other party was at fault. Well, we hate to do this, but we have to burst that optimistic bubble. There is so much that goes into walking away with some money in your hand. It gets worse if you have to take the litigation route. 

Your personal injury lawyer can make a difference by:

  • Allocating a team of attorneys whose specific role is to handle your case. 
  • Calling upon their networks to provide the necessary evidence to support your case. Your attorney for motor vehicle accidents works with a whole team of professionals. These include doctors, physiotherapists, investigators, underwriters, and more. 

As an individual working alone, you would find the task of filing a personal injury claim quite tricky. Add on to your lack of experience, and the outcome may not be the best. You will also have to face professionals from the defendant’s team. 

Insurance companies, for example, are notorious for red tape. They will bombard you with paperwork bearing all manner of legalese. It is not uncommon for such cases to drag on for years without resolution. Your best bet is to let the legal professionals fight it out amongst themselves.   

5. The Personal Injury Lawyer Does Not Add On To the Financial Burden

Do you want to know how much legal defense for personal injury claims can cost? Well, it depends on which state you are living in. But, on average, an attorney’s fee can range from $150 to $400 per hour. 

Expect to spend anywhere from 50 hours upwards in trial. Even without a final cost tally, it will be a lot. Yet that is not the only money you will part with. 

Others are expert witness fees, admin fees, and court filing fees. Also, include lawyer travel, witness travel, accommodation, and other expenses. The base average for a simple trial in New York is approximately $15,000. 

So there you are, recovering from the accident. The only money you have is going towards bills payment. There is no income because you’re unable to work. How will you be able to afford a personal injury or car accident lawyer?

Well, don’t stress about that. Reputable personal injury lawyers offer contingency based billing. They get their money from the settlement you receive. In essence, if you don’t win, they don’t get any money. 

When choosing an attorney, take time to find out if this is a billing structure. Some will expect an up-front payment, which can be a terrible burden. Also, pay attention to the payment structure for those who work on contingency. Some will charge high fees, leaving you with very little in the end.

Final Thoughts

After your car accident, what you need to do is concentrate on recovery. It helps to know that someone is fighting for you to receive just compensation for your accident. 

You benefit from their expertise and the best of their resources. Further, you don’t have to worry about the financial aspects. If you work with a lawyer who charges on contingency, legal fee payment depends on the outcome. 

A final bit of advice would be to take time to hire reputable lawyers. Do your research, read reviews, and check their experience. 

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