4 Quick Steps to Host a Canine Birthday Party at Home!

These days, we New Zealanders seem to celebrate most occasions! We humans take to parties to share our little and big joys with fellow mates! However, many would say no other event can beat a birthday celebration. Perhaps we need to glorify our pet pups and dogs by throwing a birthday party for them as well?

Rejoice the day your little paw friend arrived in this world and remember to shift the focus off you. We caution you of not spoiling their health through excessive indulgences on a special day though it is all about your canine friend that day. You need to ask yourself if the best pet insurance NZ supports your puppy or dog to manage any accidents or health upsets on its birthday!These can happen at any time, so it is best and worth it to be prepared with pet insurance – maybe as a birthday present?

If you haven’t bought a policy, then research online and find dog insurance NZ. Explore your options and choose a plan. It could well be your pet’s best birthday gift! All that your companion expects from you is a bit of attention, affection, and care. And you need to know care includes its basic needs like food, shelter, medical assistance, and much bonding.

We think you are thinking about how to organize a cherished party for your pet in-house. If so, we suggest you note these four things and don’t miss including them in the party schedule! Then, for a splendid party, assemble all your pet’s friends on the block and your human friends so people and pets can socialize to their heart’s content.

Send Out Invites!

Make a guest list, and don’t forget essential people or dogs in your neighbourhood. Now, you don’t want to miss out on their treasured friends, do you? Plus, you could invite the other dogs whom your pet meets and greets in the dog parks often. Let your pet pup or dog select the invite and party theme by seeing which its attention is drawn to. It eases your burden of choosing things and allows your pet to stay in control of the visual treats.

Decide The Food Menu!

Before you start with this list, we recommend you meet your vet to find out the most suitable snacks and treats that could be made available for the dog community during party time. Remember, offering limited portions of dog-appropriate dishes helps ensure their sound health. Don’t allow pets to get their paws over human food. Not only is it unhygienic, some of our food items are highly toxic to their health and wellness. Have a lot of water bowls so your invitees can sip or drink, a bare essential, so they don’t get dehydrated if you are hosting on a hot day.

Games And Activities!

Get some dog puzzles, fetch items, balls, and other things they could use to play. Scatter them about the place, so every dog has something to do and doesn’t feel left out. Plus, have some toys wrapped to give away as rewards. Also, don’t forget the attendee gifts. Gift some doggy treats and chews with a thank you note for being a part of the celebration, while parting ways.

Photo Booth!

Set up a fun photo booth where people could spend some more time with their cutie pies. Pet owners can pose with their four-legged friends in stylish outfits or hold fun props and get a picture clicked.

You can start with these basic things and add many more entertaining activities to keep the crowd engaged. Through all this, ensure you have taken extra safety precautions to safeguard all pets until the end of the party. Now, we don’t want accidents during a party, don’t we?

You may have purchased the best pet insurance NZ plan, but you never know if the other dogs attending the party have dog insurance NZ support. So, have great insurance cover in place as well as a thousand watchful eyes when these many pet community members are around!

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