4 Reasons It Is Important To Establish Paternity For Your Child

Paternity testing is important for establishing Paternity and determining whether or not the man is fit to raise the baby.

Paternity testing is a documentation process that legalizes the relationship between a child and a father.

If you consider taking a paternity test, see locations offering the services. However, to be a child’s legal father, you don’t have to be related by blood, but you must be prepared to assume all parentage rights and responsibilities. Paternity is essential because it gives a child access to several benefits like financial support from the state and other social services.

Establishing Paternity helps prevent child abuse and neglect. When a man is known to be the biological father of a child, he can be held accountable for any harm caused to the child. It is also beneficial for the mother since she can get assistance from the government and other agencies.

if you’ve been looking for a paternity test near me, here are four major reasons why paternity testing is important:

1.  It Secures the Parents’ Legal Rights

Once you establish Paternity, your rights as a father are protected in these ways:

  • You get a legal right to have relationships with your children. It’s the first step to attaining a thriving father-child relationship.
  • You can make less legally complex future agreements like custody or arrange for child support.
  • You get the freedom to travel with your child.
  • You are allowed to change their last name.
  • You receive legal rights so that the other parent doesn’t take the child without consent.

For mothers, establishing Paternity allows them to share their parental duties and enforce child support orders where necessary.

2.  It Allows Children to Enjoy Benefits

Children can enjoy benefits like social security, life insurance, inheritance, and medical insurance. Furthermore, it allows the child to build an emotional bond with parents and ensures parents participate in the child’s life.

It also gives your child access to the father’s medical history, which could be important in a medical emergency. Medical information allows the child’s doctors to gain more information on the genetic diseases and traits that the child may be exposed to.

3.  It Gives a Child Identity

Establishing Paternity gives children identity and makes them feel that they are a part of a family. Studies show that children whose fathers are actively present in their lives have healthy emotional and social relations.

4.  Access to Information About the Child

It grants you access to information regarding the proceedings of your child like custody hearings, criminal, juvenile court, and adoption proceedings. Legal parents can also access information on medical, religious, and school records.


Paternity testing is greatly beneficial to the child and the parents. If you are yet to establish Paternity, consider visiting a paternity test near you to get that issue sorted. You only need to file a petition to determine paternity with a local court. You and your child deserve a healthy relationship, so take the necessary action.

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