4 Tips to Choose the Right Alcohol Treatment Centers for You

After making the decision to seek help with your alcohol addiction problem, the next step is looking for the right alcohol treatment center for you. Making the right choice is challenging and overwhelming. It is a process that requires great focus, determination, and patience. Here are four tips to help you choose the right treatment center for you.

Do thorough research

Research provides information and promotes better decision-making. There are many available alcohol treatment centers, but not all are appropriate for your needs. Hence, it is best to research thoroughly to ensure you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Research helps you identify alcohol treatment centers that are accredited, licensed, and have received certification. Accredited alcohol treatment centers like The Edge Treatment have had an inspection of performance standards and are trusted to deliver quality, value, and results.

Certification is given to alcohol treatment centers that are legitimate and offer quality treatment after rigorous vetting. Certified rehabs are allowed to advertise their services on different channels. The clinical staff should also be licensed to provide care for patients in alcohol treatment centers.

Reviews of alcohol treatment centers also provide insight on how ethical or unethical the centers are, thus aiding in better decision-making.

Inquire about the treatment plan

The treatment plan used is a significant factor in your recovery. The most effective programs in rehabs rely on evidence-based practices. Ensure you look for alcohol treatment centers that use treatment programs backed by science-based research.

Evidence-based treatment programs use both medications and behavioral therapy to help you with the recovery process. These therapies are the most effective and promote long-term sobriety for you. The treatment program can only be right for you if it is tailored to meet your individual needs. Visit treatment centers that offer personalized treatment that changes with changing client needs.

The treatment duration is a vital determinant of the right alcohol treatment centers for you. Research suggests that you need a minimum of three months for effective treatment because longer treatment plans often produce better outcomes in rehab centers.

Alcohol treatment centers which could offer and provide mental health services, like the Sandstone Inpatient Treatment Center, are better choices than those that don’t. An accurate dual diagnosis helps identify any co-occurring mental issues you may have as you are struggling with substance misuse. The best treatment should incorporate care for any present mental health disorders to eliminate triggers that may lead to relapse after recovery.

Consider treatment options: inpatient or outpatient

If you can afford the time and finances, inpatient treatment is the best choice to help you overcome addiction. However, inpatient treatment is not an accommodating choice for all people seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. Having work and family obligations you cannot put aside to go for treatment makes intensive outpatient treatment the best for you.

You need to evaluate the treatment option that best applies to your life to aid in choosing the right treatment center for you.

Consider the location

Do you want to have your treatment close to or away from home? Answering this question will help you make a decision on the right treatment center for you.


The road to addiction recovery is challenging and may be disappointing if you do not choose the right alcohol treatment centers to visit. Use the four tips above to make the right choice that will improve your recovery chances and promote a more productive life.

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