5 Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

Black Friday is fast approaching, so every business needs a clever strategy to make sales. A good plan is the key to standing out in a large mix of advertising and promotions.

Consumers always look for great deals to save money during the shopping holiday. You may have the right products or services at a great price or excellent giveaways. But how do you catch the consumer’s eye?

Turn Black Friday and Cyber Monday into holy weeks and even sacred months. This way, consumers have an excuse to shop more. So do black November instead of just black Friday. Additionally, promote Cyber week instead of Cyber Monday!

Need more inspiration?

The information below details 5 of the best Outbrain Black Friday marketing campaigns. Keep reading to find which one could apply to your business. 

Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

Teachable’s Odd Discounts

Teachable perfectly showcased how using unusual or ‘incomplete’ numbers can make a difference. Teachable, the online learning creator platform, offered discounts on its annual subscription.

However, instead of going for the usual 75%, 20%, 50%, or 30% discounts, they picked 36%, 47%, and 58% discounts. While it may seem a slight difference, it makes all the impact. Why? Because people noticed!

These numbers differ from the rounded figures consumers are used to seeing on sale discounts. Instead, you could say they are random, even weird. This means more people will take notice and even assume they are a better offer.

So instead of going with the classic rounded numbers for black Friday discounts, pick non-round figures to make consumers notice you more. Additionally, consider an odd number as the final figure in the percentage because, surprisingly, people prefer it this way. 

The rule of odds suggests that an odd number is more aesthetically pleasing and exciting. People are surprisingly more drawn to the asymmetry of numbers. So go for 23% discounts and 57% off during your Black Friday Sales.  

Bed Bath & Beyond’s for The House

Knowing your audience and playing to their thoughts can earn you sales. Bed Bath & Beyond proved it with their ‘for the house’ Black Friday advertisement.

The advertisement features a shopper contemplating the black Friday deals she wants to buy but cannot justify. Then her subconscious, as a sales clerk, offers justification by telling her, ‘it’s for the house.’ So the shopper gets on board, buying everything she wants– for the house! 

This advert is a compelling example of how understanding your audience can help you create impactful marketing campaigns. Bed Bath & Beyond captures the guilty pleasure of black Friday shopping with the ad. It gave the consumers an out to buy what they wanted– beneficial for the company and the consumers. 

Therefore, more businesses need to make their strategies cleverer by giving their buyers what they want. Learn more about your target audience– what they like and don’t their shopping concerns, their response to discounts, and even their feelings about Black Friday. With this information, you should be able to create campaigns that make an impact. 

Target’s Holiday Price Match Guarantee

Target demonstrates that you can extend a holiday to generate more sales. The company began offering Black Friday deals in October as part of its 2021 campaign. The campaign targeted early shoppers.

Target then followed through by offering the Black Friday Week Deals from November 21st to 27th. Additionally, instead of releasing all Black Friday deals, the company gradually increased excitement by adding more savings on various products from November 25th. 

This strategy was impressive as it builds anticipation and encourages shoppers to participate more actively in your brand. 

But what stood out was the Holiday Price Match campaign. The campaign stated that if a customer purchased a product early in the holiday season only for the product to reduce in price later, the customer could get a refund on the difference. 

Target also committed to matching the competitor’s pricing within 14 days of purchase. This tactic boosts Black Friday sales even before the season starts. It gives early buyers some security so that they can shop more confidently.

This strategy is ideal for businesses reaching for more money upfront and the trust of consumers. Additionally, it is a good strategy that shows your business truly offers competitive prices.

TWOJEYS’ Project Black Friday: The Bank Never Wins

This was an exciting campaign showing advertisements don’t have to look like advertisements. They can be a cool heist film!

So Twojeys created an exciting campaign in 2020. The Spanish unisex jewelry brand made a 5:40-minute movie starring well-recognized faces and the two founders plus their family members.

The film tells the story of a casino bank break-in where thieves get away with 10 million euros of jewelry. The movie was so impactful that it brought in 5000 more orders in the first 24 hours of release. These numbers made a lot of sense because who doesn’t love a good jewelry heist movie? 

This campaign was clever, entertaining, and in-theme. It shows businesses that the right idea does not have to stray too far from the product. The ad focuses on the product, accentuating its value while giving consumers an entertaining aspect.

Business owners must play to the strengths of their products and services without appearing dull. 

Dude Dad’s Golden Ticket Giveaway

The popular online personality and video creator Dude Dad perfectly tapped into consumers’ nostalgia by adding a sweet pop culture reference for a Black Friday campaign in 2021. 

Since it was the 50th anniversary of the movie classic Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Dude Dad created a Wonka-themed Black Friday video with a real-life golden ticket giveaway competition.

Any consumer with an order of over $50 from the store before December 3rd stood a chance to win 1 of 3 golden tickets. The winner of the golden ticket would receive prizes like a snow leaf blower, grill set, and more. 

Referencing pop culture is not a new concept. Additionally, it can be easy if you find the right strategy. Try to play to your industry when referencing pop culture in your marketing campaigns.  

Final Thoughts

With Black Friday approaching, business owners should take a page from innovative companies’ books. Well-planned and executed marketing campaigns will better impact consumers and potential clients. 

So, learn more about your consumers, and read up on helpful marketing strategy execution. Additionally, look at what your competitors are doing.  

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