5 best tactics when using stickers for marketing

Are you ready to experiment with your existing marketing strategies? Have you been reading about sticker marketing but are not sure how you can run a successful campaign using stickers? 

The article will introduce you to five of the most popular and effective marketing strategies using stickers. All of these tips are hands-on and can be incorporated immediately. You will also find out which strategy suits your business needs best.

1. Add stickers with every order

This first tip includes one of the most powerful effects stickers can have. Since they are so low-cost, they can easily be included with every purchase or order made.  

Received under the right circumstances, stickers will not be perceived as an advertising tool. Instead, they are likely to be seen as a gift. Gift-giving has a long history in marketing. It is so powerful because it ignites a reaction well known in social psychology: the rule of reciprocity. 

This means that the receiver of the gift will feel the subconscious need to return the perceived favor. In this case, this can take the form of a purchase, a recommendation or a post on social media. 

Moreover, gift-giving ignites positive emotions that will be associated with you and your brand, which will influence future purchase decisions. It also increases the likelihood of your customers using your stickers as phone or laptop stickers. This way, you can turn your existing customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

2. Create product scarcity 

You have probably come across countless limited edition stickers before. They are a great example of how a simple sticker can be used to communicate a whole host of information to your customers. Most importantly: they enable you to create product scarcity.

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Using such a sticker, you limit the availability of your product. This makes your product and range immediately more desirable as it might not be available when your customers next browse your product range. 

This method is so powerful because you are demanding an immediate purchase decision from your customers, creating a sense of urgency. This felt urgency underlines your product’s high quality and works especially well in competitive markets.

Such an effect can be recreated using a simple paper label that can be attached to your product. Paper labels are super thick and textured, emphasizing your brand’s premium status.

3. Spice up your product’s packaging

Since unboxing videos have become a viral trend, the process of unboxing has become an essential part of a customer’s post purchase experience. Using stickers to brand your product and packaging is a great way to turn the unboxing of your product into an interaction with your brand. 

At only a few pennies per sticker, this is a great low-cost option to elevate your packaging. You can bulk buy cardboard boxes or jars and simply brand them yourself by adding a logo sticker. 

If this sounds like an option to you, we recommend getting your stickers on a sheet. Stickers and a sheet are usually referred to as labels. Such sticky labels will not only be easier to store, but faster to peel and apply as well.

4. Let the material speak for you 

There are plenty of sticker materials available. It can be a little overwhelming finding the perfect fit for you. 

At the most basic, you can choose between plastic and paper stickers. Plastic stickers are ideal for long-term out- and indoor uses. They are resistant to water, scratches and sunlight. Paper stickers, on the other hand, are a little less resistant and should mainly be used indoors. They are, however, better for the environment and decompose within 12 weeks. 

Choosing the right material can really amplify your marketing campaign. Do you want to highlight the luxurious qualities of your product? Then a premium holographic sticker would be perfect for you. Is your brand all about sustainability? Try a biodegradable paper or eco-friendly transparent sticker to brand your product and stick with your values. 

5. Try guerrilla marketing strategies

Now, let us get a little more experimental. You might have heard this term before. Guerrilla actually originated in warfare. It describes the advantages small, civilian groups have over the traditional military. Their strategies usually rely on speed, flexibility and surprise. 

These features can be replicated in marketing. Guerrilla marketing centers on unconventional strategies. There is no need for big financial budgets, instead, such campaigns depend on time, energy and creativity – ideal for small businesses and startups. 

The aim of such a campaign is to deliver a brand message by catching people off-guard and igniting an emotional reaction while interacting with your brand. 

There are no limits to your creativity when exploring guerrilla marketing. Stickers are the most effective way to reap the benefits of such strategies. They allow you to cover large areas in seconds and generate visibility for your brand. We recommend using custom vinyl stickers if you want to give this a try as they will give your campaign the longest life span.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you found these tips helpful and are motivated to get straight to work. Should you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and we will get back to you. Are you already using stickers? Then feel free to share your tips and tricks with us as well.

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