5 Common Types of Family Law Cases Handled by Family Lawyers in Forest Hills, Grand Rapids

Family law includes a variety of topics, including divorce, child custody, adoption, and paternity, as well as parentage. It’s a complex field that requires the expertise of an experienced family lawyer to negotiate. If you or someone you know is seeking family law representation in the Forest Hills, Grand Rapids area, there are several family lawyers in the area who can provide you with valuable info on family laws.

Family lawyers are a highly valuable resource for people who are looking for family law advice and representation. The knowledge of family lawyers is often necessary to help people make informed decisions regarding their family legal matters.

We will now see into the common types of cases handled by family lawyers in Forest Hills, Grand Rapids.

  • Divorce

Divorce represents one of the most common cases handled by family lawyers. In fact, divorce is often a complicated process that can involve various issues, such as the division of property, child custody, and alimony payments. And a family lawyer is well-equipped to handle these various issues involved in a divorce.

  • Child custody

Custody of children is another common matter that family lawyers tend to handle. A family attorney can help parents in Forest Hills, Grand Rapids, reach an agreement concerning child custody. They can also act as advisers concerning any other common problem related to children, such as child abuse or neglect allegations.

  • Asset division

Asset division is also a problem that can arise in a divorce. It involves dividing property, especially real estate and stocks. A family lawyer can help individuals or couples reach an agreement to divide their real estate, such as their home. They will also help them with other assets like stocks and shares of companies.

  • Child support

Child support is another common issue that family lawyers are often involved in. If there are children involved in a divorce, it only makes sense for a couple to seek a family lawyer’s advice concerning child support issues. Child support can be an extremely complex problem to deal with, and a family lawyer can help couples reach an agreement concerning child support payments.

  • Domestic violence

Domestic violence is another matter that family lawyers have to deal with. If a person is seeking help with domestic violence issues, they may have to provide evidence of abuse to prove their claims. A family lawyer can help people who are in an abusive relationship gather the necessary evidence and build a strong case.

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