5 Greatest Racehorse of All Time

Countless trainers and jockeys strive for success to raise their horses’ names at the biggest races in the world. Yet, only a few achieve fame. Those racehorses make their trainers happy and fight against the betting odds, make world records, win enormous amounts of prize money, and bring success to their punters. As a result, their name lives on through the ages.

When it comes to bettors and punters, experts recommend a betting tip of reading up and learning about the best racehorses of all time to understand their tricks and recognise them in other races. This will help you win against betting odds.

Considering the fact that race horsing is one of the oldest sports in the world, it might be challenging to come up with a list of the greatest racehorses of all time. However, we’ve done our best and compiled this list of the top racehorses, including those featured in Queen Elizabeth Stakes, the Melbourne Cup, and the Golden Slipper Stakes.

Top 5 Racehorses of All Time

Here’s a list of the most famous racehorses that have earned a plethora of winnings, achieved surmountable success, and have had stellar performances throughout their careers:

1.     Man O’ War

One of the most recognisable and successful horses in the American horse racing industry is undoubtedly Man O’ War, who reigned supreme during the 1920s. His success was known worldwide, which also allowed the sport itself to grow in popularity. Between 1919 and 1920 alone, the horse won 20 out of 21 races. Losing that one race has been the only defeat he suffered. Moreover, the legendary horse was also known for having a 28-foot stride, which is believed to be the longest of all time.

2.     Winx

Another racehorse bred in Australia, Winx, is truly believed to be a wonder mare. She is the record holder for being the winner for the highest level races in the country, including Queen Elizabeth Stakes. This race was her last victory before retiring. Winx has also earned the most prize money than any other horse from the Southern Hemisphere. Lastly, she was awarded Australian horse of the year for four consecutive years.

3.     Seattle Slew

Another famous and successful racehorse hailed from the United States, Seattle Slew, unexpectedly but quickly became the biggest name in the horse racing industry. He was the only racehorse to win the Triple Crown of the Kentucky Derby in 1977, but six other races in the same year to complete a 9-0 record. It is believed that no other racehorse will have as successful of a year as Seattle Slew did in 1977.

Seattle Slew’s record of being the only racehorse to win the Triple Crown remained untouched until Justify broke it in 2018, but Justify still maintained only a 6-0 record that year.

4.     Secretariat

Secretariat, or “Big Red,” was considered as one of the best thoroughbreds of all time. He was the first horse to win the Triple Crown twenty-five years back in 1973. The legendary horse also won the Marlboro Cup in world record time and landed him a million dollars prize money. At the time, he was just the thirteenth horse to win such an amount.

While Man O’ War reigned supreme until Secretariat came to the party, who also had a larger stride angle compared to its predecessor.

5.     Black Caviar

Hailing from Australia, Black Caviar was one of the most successful racehorses that reigned supreme throughout time in the country. She remained undefeated in Australia and even travelled to England, where she won the Diamond Jubilee Stakes. Among her other successes include winning the Golden Slipper Stakes, Lightning Stakes, and so much more.

Final Words

This was our round-up of the best horses throughout history that have held world records, did the impossible, and so much more. For more information on the best racehorses, races, and jockeys, or if you want to get more Betting tips, check out Palmerbet today. One of the biggest on-course bookmakers in Sydney and now the most prominent online betting company in Australia.

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