5 Qualities You Should Look for In A Laravel Developer

No one can precisely define what makes a Laravel developer perfect, probably because perfection doesn’t exist.

However, there are some essential qualities you have to look for that are more than necessary to hire the best and most suitable developer for your business. Of course, the best isn’t always the one with the most experience but the one that is most suitable for your company, colleagues, clients, projects, and so on.

Still, finding excellent Laravel developers for hire will be much easier by contacting a global talent network and seeing whether the candidates have these five essential qualities.

Let’s start.

Time Management

Having time management skills isn’t something that comes as a great bonus if a Laravel developer possesses it, but it’s something that’s more than necessary.

In essence, your Laravel developers need to be masters when it comes to managing their time because each of your projects is different, deadlines are all around them, and clients change their wishes regardless of their technical illiteracy.

Therefore, your Laravel developers will have to know how to use various techniques and tools to manage their time and split up long working hours. Some tools are time-tracking applications to measure productivity, and goal-setting, reviews to track progress, and even website-blocking applications to stop distractions.

In short, a person can only be an excellent Laravel developer with time management skills since time is of the essence when it comes to development with all its deadlines.

It may sound untrue or too serious, but if you have any experience in any way in the world of software development, then you certainly know that all technical skills mean nothing with the ability to manage time and don’t miss deadlines.

A Strong Will to Learn and Progress

Knowing how Laravel works won’t do the trick in the long run since the software development world is rapidly growing.

That’s why Laravel developers need to learn new things, follow trends, and progress continuously. If you hire developers who think that learning more is unnecessary and aren’t willing to improve every day, you make the wrong choice.

Your developers need to be willing to find a solution and knowledge through the many online development communities and become better. In addition, they must desire to go to training and research for knowledge on the internet with options such as GitHub, StackOverflow, etc.

Also, it’s valuable if you can find a developer willing to enhance their knowledge via boot camps and programs. The primary reason is that traditional college knowledge isn’t enough anymore, nor is it valuable since the industry is changing rapidly, and developers must keep up with the trends.

You should also see if your candidates like to attend online seminars and conferences or in real life since the newest technologies are always presented at such events. And don’t forget that mentorship is highly beneficial once they become your employee.

A Sense for Business

The business aspect is your side of the situation since you are a company owner or someone who has to make business decisions regularly.

However, it’s more than valuable to hire someone who knows more than how to install Laravel on Windows since they need to understand how their development functions in the real world. Being a successful developer also means knowing how to communicate with clients and their projects and having a sense of how the end user will react.

In essence, these are the primary reasons this is important:

  • Your developers must collaborate closely with business partners and teams
  • They have to be flexible when collecting user feedback and act accordingly
  • A complete understanding of the users goes without saying
  • They need to know how to use performance analytics and metrics

When it comes to senior Laravel developers who have experience, here the stakes are even higher since they have to have an interest in revenue metrics, sales, and marketing aspects to keep track and know whether all pieces are in the right place and everything is going according to the plan.

Web Development Knowledge

Your Laravel developers need to be skilled in basic web technologies and know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If they don’t, they won’t be able to pull off the app, so here’s why these languages are beneficial for Laravel developers.

  • CSS – It dictates the way the HTML elements of the site should look on the front end. HTML provides the tools, but CSS makes it pretty.
  • HTML – It is the core of sites since it uses tags to identify various types of content and makes it possible to differentiate elements like body text, headlines, etc.
  • JavaScript – One of its primary functions is to change the site content and make it possible to create confirmation boxes and call-to-actions on websites.

Good Soft Skills

Fifth on this list but equally essential, are good soft skills. It’s valuable to mention that time management is also a soft skill, but we put it in a different heading since it’s one of the most important ones.

However, there are also other essential soft skills each Laravel developer needs to possess. Of course, technical skills are necessary, but there’s a high demand for soft skills because they refer to communication, leadership, and critical thinking, which are crucial for development. Other vital soft skills your future developer needs to have are a sense of collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving, and empathy.

These skills are essential because leadership means knowing how to lead from the front, collaboration to collaborate with colleagues and clients, communication to know how to explain technical things in a simple way, and empathy to understand team members and the needs of the clients and the users. Teamwork goes without saying since development isn’t possible otherwise, and critical thinking and problem-solving means thinking out of the box and creatively solving issues.

These are the essential qualities you should look for when hiring Laravel developers. You better start the process immediately through a global talent network since your competitors are already hiring!

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