5 Steps To Follow When Your Car Gets Stuck During Winter In Massachusetts

Driving a car during winter is not everyone’s cup of tea! From the dark, zero visibility nights to snowy blizzards, it constitutes a driver’s nightmare! Winters can be difficult for both the drivers and the pedestrians. Driving safely and securely without risking anyone’s life is the primary concern. Moreover, there is a separate checklist that every car owner must go through the winter season. From melting the ice on engines to lubricating the window panes and doors, everything is a must. There shouldn’t be any single space left for any mistake as it can constitute havoc!

Massachusetts experiences a generally mild to extreme winter season. The temperatures fall to as low as 32°F, which can be freezing cold. It increases the chances of blizzards and snow meltdowns by massive folds and can cause disruptions! The winter season lasts for 3.4 months in Massachusetts between the months of December to mid-March. The state experiences heavy snowfall as well. All these things constitute a tough driving experience for the people in Massachusetts. Hence, in this article, we are going to look at some steps on what to do when your car gets stuck during winters. If you don’t want to meet any auto collision repair shop, grab your boots and car equipment, and let’s go!

Step-by-step guidance to follow when your car gets stuck during winters

Getting caught can be a shame, but not the end of the world. You can disassemble them in various ways, but it is best to get help if you can. Extra eyes and hands will move you much faster than walking alone. First, check around the car yourself or visit any nearby mechanic shop who can do this for you..

You will need to see if the exhaust pipe is clear on the ice. If not, wipe it out by hand. Then move any snow away from around each wheel. Ideally, you will have a shovel in your car as part of your winter emergency equipment but, if not, upgrade with whatever is available. As much as possible, try to break any ice formed under your tires.

Step 1: Clear the path.

The very first step you should do is clearing the area around the tires. As the ice gets stuck around the tires, it makes its mobility difficult. Try removing the ice with a shovel or use your hands to dig out the snow.

Also, don’t forget the clear the path from back and forth as well. It will help your car to move smoothly while reversing or moving forward.

Step 2: Shake off the extra ice from the car.

Not just tires, you also need to get rid of the extra ice present on the body of your car. You can use your hands for this purpose or simply move your car hence and forth until all the ice gets off. But also keep in mind to not break the transmission while doing so.

Step 3: Try adding traction.

If you can’t get your car for free, you can try next and get a drag under your wheels. Items such as sandbags, salt, dirt or cat litter can be used when your car gets stuck in the snow. Throw a handful of hands under your tires to gain strength, and try the gas again. It is also important to remember to close the control to pull if you get stuck in the snow.

Step 4: Don’t panic.

Lastly, try not to panic. Panicking in such a situation will only increase the problems, and you might make your work more difficult. Take a deep breath and think with a cool mind about what to do next. Call your family or friends if needed and have a conversation with them. This will help you to cool off your mind.

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